Young researcher prize : an article from Julie Tomas published in PNAS

October 2018:

The first CCC prize (Community of Researchers on the Community “) awarded, for the year 2018, to Florian Besson (2016 winner of a Young Researcher Award from the Foundation of the Treilles in History) for his article:” Living in community or between communities, a reflection on the middle ground of the Latin States of the East “.

September 2018 : Arnaud Tognetti publishes an article in “Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology”

Arnaud Tognetti, winner of 2014 Prize, publishes with Guila Ganem, Michel Raymond and Charlotte Faurie an article entitled: Female mound-building mice prefer males that invest more in building behavior, even when this behavior is not observed.

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July 2017: Alice Baniel publishes an article in “Current Biology”

Alice Baniel, winner of a 2016 Prize, published in Current Biology an article entitled Male Violence and Sexual Intimidation in a Wild Primate Society

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May 2017: Sébastien Plutniak attends his thesis

Sebastien Plutniak is the recipient of a “Young researcher” award in 2016, and attends his doctoral thesis in sociology on May 9, 2017: The archaeological operation – Historical sociology of a discipline struggling with automatics and mathematics. France, Spain, Italy, 2nd half of the 20th century. Volume 1: main text – Volume 2: analytical developments, annexes

October 2016: Aurélie Bourdon wins a prize “For women and science”

Aurélie Bourdon, winner of a 2016 prize from the Fondation des Treilles and a doctoral student at the UMR PHAN (INRA – University of Nantes), received on 12 October at the Institut Pasteur a L’Oréal-Unesco grant “For women and science”. This award of excellence is rewarding her research around “Citrulline, a supplement to improve the growth of fragile babies? ”

September 2016: Julie Tomas publishes an article in PNAS

Julie Tomas, winner in 2015 “Young Researcher”prize of the Treilles Foundation (in Biomedical Sciences),  publishes in PNAS an article entitled “High-fat diet modified the PPAR-γ pathway leading to disruption of microbial and physiological ecosystem in murine small intestine ”

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