Young researcher prize : an article from Julie Tomas published in PNAS

December 2017: Leandro Quadrana laureate of the CNRS-Momentum call for projects.

The project presented by Leandro Quadrana (2015 laureate) is one of 19 selected as part of the Momentum program launched in 2016 by the French CNRS.   More details

September 2017 : in Scientific Reports, an article from Gildas A. Yaouhédo et al.

“Contributions of cuticle permeability and enzyme detoxification to pyrethroid resistance in the major malaria vector Anopheles gambia” : Scientific Reports | 7: 11091  | DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-11357-z                                                  [Download the full text]

July 2017: Alice Baniel publishes an article in “Current Biology”

Alice Baniel, winner of the 2016 Prize, published in Current Biology an article entitled Male Violence and Sexual Intimidation in a Wild Primate Society

Read the article

May 2017: Sébastien Plutniak attends his thesis

Sebastien Plutniak is the recipient of a “Young researcher” award in 2016, and attends his doctoral thesis in sociology on May 9, 2017: The archaeological operation – Historical sociology of a discipline struggling with automatics and mathematics. France, Spain, Italy, 2nd half of the 20th century. Volume 1: main text – Volume 2: analytical developments, annexes

October 2016: Aurélie Bourdon wins a prize “For women and science”

Aurélie Bourdon, winner of a 2016 prize from the Fondation des Treilles and a doctoral student at the UMR PHAN (INRA – University of Nantes), received on 12 October at the Institut Pasteur a L’Oréal-Unesco grant “For women and science”. This award of excellence is rewarding her research around “Citrulline, a supplement to improve the growth of fragile babies? ”

September 2016: Julie Tomas publishes an article in PNAS

Julie Tomas, winner in 2015 “Young Researcher”prize of the Treilles Foundation (in Biomedical Sciences),  publishes in PNAS an article entitled “High-fat diet modified the PPAR-γ pathway leading to disruption of microbial and physiological ecosystem in murine small intestine ”

Read the article

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