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The seminars sponsored by the Foundation are held at “Les Treilles” at the invitation of the Fondation des Treilles.

If you wish this proposal to be evaluated during the next Scientific Council, it has to be submitted before 06/09/2019.

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I - Organizer

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Please enclose a copy of your Curriculum Vitae and, if applicable, those of other organizers (maximum five pages, bibliography included) in the description of your project that you will upload in the next section of this form.

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II - The seminar

Title (in french) :
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Project Summary: (5 to 10 lines).

Your request must include a statement of 3 to 5 pages detailing the reasons for and the significance of the proposed project.
This should be in .doc or .rtf format and should contain the following:

  • a concise statement of  the proposed subject matter,
  • the subject matter’s significance and topicality,
  • known past or future meetings on the subject matter,
  • scientific outputs from the meeting,
  • new approaches which the meeting may initiate,
  • a short bibliography.

The same document should also provide:

  • the organizers' curriculum vitae (5 pages maximum per person, including bibliography),
  • the detailed estimate for travel expenses presented in section IV.

Project :

Note : Upon request, the Library can compile a bibliography of its holdings in your research area and/or on the topic of the meeting.
Contact : v.dubec (at)

Evaluation of the project

In order to facilitate the evaluation of the project by our Scientific Council, please provide the names of two referees, external to the project and members of two different institutions.

Names of the proposed referees :

last name first name e-mail institution country

III - Participants

  • The number of participants is limited to twenty.
  • Participants should include a minimum of two young researchers (postdoctoral students preferably).
  • At least half of the participants should be working in France or any other European Country.
  • The accommodation capacity being limited, the Foundation cannot welcome accompanying individuals.

Foreseen number of participants : (minimum : 12, maximum 20, including organizers)

last name first name e-mail speciality poste institution country former confirmed

In the above list :

  • Please tick the column "former" for participants who have already participated in one of the Fondation des Treilles activities.
  • Please tick the column "confirmed" for participants who have already agreed to participate in the seminar.

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IV - Dates and travel expenses

Seminars are usually held over six days, from Tuesday to Friday, plus the arrival and departure days.
Arrival should not happen during week-ends or French public holidays.
The foundation expects all participants to remain for the duration of the seminar.
Among the weeks suggested below, please select your three priority weeks and imperatively indicate a 4th week in February, March or November in the "Additional remarks" text box at the end of this form.

Dates proposals:  Year 2021

Prefered week : 
Second choice : 
Third choice : 

Travel expenses estimate

  • Participants’ board and lodging will be provided for on the premises and borne by the Foundation. Hence, organizers are expected to find fundings to cover or largely participate in the travel expenses.
  • If you need the Foundation to consider a financial contribution, please provide an estimate precisely established on the basis of travel made in eco class. It will be a section of the document uploaded in section III of this form.
  • Due to the actual economic situation, the Foundation may not be able to fully cover the presented expenses.

Total travel expenses estimate:    €uros (inc. VAT)

Can you expect an outside funding ?

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Amount expected from the Fondation des Treilles:    €uros (inc. VAT)

V - Seminar Follow-up

Documents required by the Fondation des Treilles

Within the month following the meeting, organizers will supply :
* a summary of one to two pages about the work carried out during the seminar which will be published on the website of the Foundation, and
* a French résumé of about twenty lines to be included on the Foundation’s annual report.
Moreover the Foundation expects from participants that mention of its support is made in all works published as the result of a seminar.

Do you consider publishing the outcome of the seminar ? :   yes     no

Acts    Article    Book    Periodical    Other

More details :

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