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Stem cells and cancer

The meeting aimed to discuss the advances that have taken place in the field of stem cells and their relationship with cancer initiation, tumor growth, metastatic spread, and response to anti-cancer treatments. The meeting brought together some of the most prestigious scientists in these fields. Continue reading

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Plasticity of cellular identity

Acquiring and maintaining a cellular identity over time is a critical property for our organs and tissues continued functioning. How is a cell identity acquired, how labile and for how long it initially is, and what does it take to swap it for another in certain circumstances? Continue reading

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Stem cells during development, homeostasis and diseases

Participants: Cédric Blanpain (organizer), John E. Dick, Tariq Enver, Elaine Fuchs (organizer), Magdalena Götz, John B. Gurdon, Brigid Hogan, D. Leanne Jones, Jürgen Knoblich, Thomas (Tom) Rando, Timm Schroeder, Benjamin (Ben) Simons, Austin Smith, Azim Surani, Shahragim Tajbakhsh, Elly Tanaka, … Continue reading

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Hedgehog and Gli signaling in stem cells and cancer

Participants : Cedric Blanpain, Paola Bovolenta, Frederic Charron, Joanna Fombonne, Isabel Guerrero, Alberto Gulino, Christopher Heeschen, Mien-Chie Hung, Anna Marie Kenney, Thomas (Tom) Kornberg, William (Bill) Matsui, Patrick Mehlen (organizer), Muriel Perron, Elissaveta Petrova, David Robbins, Ariel Ruiz I Altaba … Continue reading

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Stem cells of the blood/vascular system: emergence and self-renewal

Blood cells in the adult turn over constantly. Their renewal depends on hematopoietic stem cells that become segregated during development. Participants Anna Bigas, Chantal Cerdan, Marelle de Bruijn, Françoise Dieterlen-Liévre (Organiser), Charles Durand, Elaine Dzierzak, William Fleming, Pascale Gaussem, Marc … Continue reading

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