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Time, chaos and dynamics

Is irreversibility a fundamental property of nature? Time, the sensation of this irreversible link between the past and the future, always seeks its interpretation in science! Continue reading

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Time, chaos and resonances

Time,chaos and resonances: recent developments in mathematics and physics and directions for the future researches Continue reading

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Quantum mechanics seen through closed timelike curves

Participants Caslav Brukner, Todd Brun, Jeffrey Bub (organisateur), Eric Cavalcanti (organisateur), Julien Degorre, Lucas Dunlap, Ernesto Galvão, Nicolas Gisin, Alexei Grinbaum (organisateur), Clare Horsman, Issam Ibnouhsein, Raymond Lal, Damian Markham, Arun K. Pati, Timothy Ralph, Tony Short, John Smolin, Allen … Continue reading

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