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The Bayesian sensory brain and beyond

Novel approaches to unravel brain mechanisms of perception and how the Bayesian approach can contribute to an integrative understanding of sensory perception Continue reading

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From individual variation to the genetic basis of environmental sensitivity

Central questions for understanding the genetic basis for complex trait variation both from a genetic architecture perspective and at the functional level. Continue reading

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The future of axon guidance

Participants : Silvia Arber, Herwig Baier, Greg Bashaw, Heike Blockus, Frank Bradke, Katja Brose (editor), Pico Caroni, Valérie Castellani, Frédéric Charron, Alain Chédotal (organizer), Sonia Garel, Martyn Goulding, Randal Hand, Artur Kania, Ruediger Klein, Alex L. Kolodkin (organizer), Martin Meyer, … Continue reading

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