Réplication de l’ADN des génomes eucaryotes / DNA replication of eukaryotic genomes

Liste des participants

Andrés Aguilera, Julian Blow, Karlene Cimprich, Vincenzo Constanzo, John Diffley, Marco Foiani, Susan M. Gasser, David M. Gilbert, Anja Groth, Olivier Hyrien, Dean A. Jackson, Karim Labib, Sarah Lambert, Benoît Le Tallec, Hisao Masukata, Philippe Pasero (organisateur), Marie-Noëlle Prioleau (organisateur), Etienne Schwob, Bruce Stillmann

Réplication de l'ADN des génomes eucaryotes / DNA replication of eukaryotic genomes Benoît Le Tallec Karlene Cimprich David M. Gilbert Andrés Aguilera Susan M. Gasser Dean A. Jackson Philippe Pasero Etienne Schwob Marie-Noëlle Prioleau Anja Groth Julian Blow Sarah Lambert Olivier Hyrien John Diffley Vincenzo Costanzo Marco Foiani Bruce Stillmann Karim Labib Hisao Masukata


Réplication de l’ADN des génomes eucaryotes / DNA replication of eukaryotic genomes
par Marie-Noëlle Prioleau et Philippe Pasero
02 – 07 juillet 2012

Key words: DNA replication, Checkpoint, Chromatin, Replication initiation, replication fork elongation

The workshop “DNA Replication of Eukaryotic Genomes” was held at the Fondation Les Treilles from July 1st to 6th, 2012. It brought together 19 scientists from 8 countries (Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA). The aim of the workshop was to gather world-wide leaders working on the regulation of DNA replication in eukaryotes to foster discussions, exchanges of ideas and methodologies and to promote the establishment of new collaborations. The workshop was organized into six scientific sessions and was concluded with a general discussion.

Scientific sessions: Initiation of DNA replicationEukaryotic origins and replication timing controlRole of nuclear organization on DNA replicationCellular responses to DNA replication stressReplication fork recoveryReplication-transcription interference

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