Photography Prize of the Fondation des Treilles

PrixPhoto Created in 2011, this prize is committed to providing means for the production and the promotion of photographic works, which subjects are related to the Mediterranean world.

The prize is made of both an allowance of 2650 euros per month for a period ranging from two to eight months, depending on the project, coming with a living residency which can not be less than one month, specially in order to insure the achievement of the development of the photos at Les Treilles.

The winners of the prize are accommodated in the Bergerie house. Meals and house cleaning are taken care of by the Foundation’s staff, so that residents can fully concentrate on their work.

For the achivement of their work, they will find on the estate on one hand a digital lab complete with professional computer and large format giclé printer and, on the other hand, a darkroom with multi format Beseler enlarger is also available for those who whish to process and print black and white photos.
Residents are invited to take also advantage of the library and the wireless Internet connection which are available in the Grande Maison.

The artists who whish to apply for the 2020 Residence are invited to read the terms and conditions of participation and follow the described procedure.
For any question or any need of further information, please send a message to prix.phot[at]

For the 2020 Residence, application form and files must be emailed to the above mentioned e-address:, between May 2 and October 1, 2019.

The winners over the years:

2018 : Clément Chapillon, Stéphane Couturier, Safaa Mazirh, Corinne Mercadier
2017 : Nicolas Comment, Laurie Dall’Ava et victor Mazière, Alex Majoli
2016 : Andrea & Magda, Pablo Guidali et Klavdij Sluban
2015 : Thibaut Cuisset (1958 – 2017), Wiktoria Wojciechowska, Sophie Zénon
2014 : Anaïs Boudot, Hicham Gardaf, Evangelia Kranioti
2013 : Claire Chevrier, Patrizia Di Fiore, Marc Lyon
2012 : Morgane Denzler, Manuela Marques
2011 et premiers lauréats : Raed Bawayah, Véronique Ellena