Mean-field and other effective models in mathematical physics


Niels Benedikter, Fernando Brandao, Frédéric Chevy, Soeren Fournais, François Golse, David Gontier, Christian Hainzl, Markus Holzmann, Antti Knowles, Jonas Lampart, Thomas Leblé, Mathieu Lewin (organiser), Elliott Lieb, Thanh Nam Phan, Simona Rota Nodari, Benjamin Schlein, Robert Seiringer, Alice Sinatra, Jan Philip Solovej, Jakob Yngvason.

Mean-field and other effective models in mathematical physics
By Mathieu Lewin
20 – 25 May, 2019

Abstract :

The seminar gathered worldwide specialists working on the mathematical aspects of effective models in quantum mechanics. Those are used to describe matter at the microscopic scale. Most of the talks were about quantum gases (bosons and fermions) and the problem to understand correlations between the particles in the gas, as well as phase transitions.

Key words :

Mathematical physics, statistical mechanics, mean-field, quantum mechanics, quantum gases, spectral theory

Titles of talks

Niels Benedikter Bosonization in the High-Density Fermi Gas
Fernando Brandao Quantum de Finetti theorems in quantum information theory
Frederic Chevy Dynamics of ultracold Fermi gases: Gross-Pitaevskii and beyond
Soeren Fournais The second order correction to the energy of dilute Bose gases
François Golse Empirical Measures and Quantum Dynamics
David Gontier Symmetry Breaking in the Hartree-Fock Homogeneous Electron Gas
Christian Hainzl Aspects of the BCS theory of superconductivity
Markus Holzmann The phase transition of a dilute Bose gas in two and three dimensions
Antti Knowles Gibbs measures of nonlinear Schrödinger equations and many-body quantum
Jonas Lampart Some properties of the time-dependent potential-to-density mapping
Thomas Leblé Classical systems with Coulomb/Riesz interactions
Mathieu Lewin Open mathematical problems for quantum gases
Eliott Lieb A study of a simple equation that describes the ground-state energy of a Bose gas at low and high density and in dimensions one, two and three
Thanh Nam Phan Nonlinear Gibbs measures as the limit of equilibrium quantum Bose gases
Simona Rota Nodari The relativistic semi-classical equation for a nucleon and its non-relativistic
Benjamin Schlein Dynamics of a polaron: accuracy of the Landau-Pekar equations
Robert Seiringer The polaron at strong coupling
Alice Sinatra A microscopic derivation of the condensate phase operator evolution in a weakly
excited gas
Jan Philip Solovej A leading order lower bound on the energy of dilute Bose gases with a sharp error term
Jakob Yngvason Asymptotic Exactness of Magnetic Thomas-Fermi Theory at Nonzero Temperature
Niels Benedikter Fernando Brandao Frederic Chevy Soeren Fournais François Golse David Gontier Christian Hainzl Markus Holzmann Antti Knowles

Jonas Lampart Thomas Leblé Matthieu Lewin Lieb Elliott Thanh Nam Phan Simona Rota Nodari

Benjamin Schlein Robert Seiringer Alice Sinatra

Jan Philip Solovej Jakob Yngvason Champ moyen et autres modèles effectifs en physique mathématique/Mean-field and other effective models in mathematical physics/Fondation des Treilles

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