The estate

The estate is situated in a landscape of hills and valleys at an average altitude of 600 m. The view stretches over wooden hills to massifs such as Esterel, Sainte Victoire and even to Corsica on some beautiful cold days. The guests’s activities are centered around the” Grande Maison” which contains a conference room, the library, the kitchen and the dining area. Broadband Internet access with WiFi is available there.
It includes agricultural plots (vines, olive trees terraced on “restanques”, lavender) and spacious areas of natural land with a great variety of local flora and woodland. Paths meandering through the property as well as the lakes of “Grain de Paille” are particularly suited for a reflection.

During spring and autumn temperatures can be rather cool in the evenings, whereas on hot summer days three swimming pools provide a welcome source of cool refreshment. The latter also serve as the water reservoir for the fire-fighting vehicles of the estate.

Conditions for accomodations

Guests are lodged in a number of houses spread out over the estate, the closest to the “Grande Maison” only a couple of minutes away. Cars are available to reach more remote houses (up to two kilometres following the road), but walking remains by far the most agreeable means of transport.

Each house has between one and three rooms with a shower or bathroom, one or two kitchens particularly intended for breakfast. There are telephones, but not yet Internet connection everywhere. Each guest will find the necessary household linen and, in accordance with the express wish of the founder, a torch and an umbrella.

The Foundation provides an environment which frees its guests from every-day worries and in return asks that they take good care of the surroundings and any material provided.