The libraries

The principal Library at the Fondation de Treilles was established in the 1980s by Anne Gruner Schlumberger. The growth of the collection over time has followed the aim of the founder: to foster the exchange of ideas and to support intuitive connections between the disciplines, as well as to stimulate creative thoughts.

Located in the Grande Maison, the Library contains about 13,000 individual titles, and currently subscribes to 17 leading specialist, and major general interest  journals such as NatureLe DébatSciences Humaines. The collection primarily consists of publications in French and English.

For acquisitions and collection policy, the librarian takes advices from a peer, which meets once a year on her initiative and is composed with Jean-Pierre Luminet (Astrophysics), Yves Quéré (Physics), Sami Tchak (Literature / Sociology), Bernard Teissier (Mathematics), Pierre Toubert (History) and Sydney Wiener (Neurosciences).

The main emphasis of the collection is on philosophy, natural sciences, mathematics, art and architecture, literature, history and geography, and the ancient world.

The Library has a policy of acquiring the key texts in each area, especially those that have helped to define the evolution of the subject, as well as those that have opened new research perspectives. A special focus is on works that stimulate interdisciplinary thinking. With this in mind, the Library does not seek to acquire the most highly specialised works, but rather those whose style and approach make their knowledge readily accessible. Its task is to allow the non-specialist to discover a wide range of subjects.

Access the catalogue of the libraries

The Library is open to all participants in seminars and other programmes of the Foundation. Assistance and information is generally available from 9 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Shortly the Library will also make its resources available to regional institutions, such as universities, laboratories, and individual researchers.

The Library welcomes the personal recommendations for purchase of works that have been of particular significance to its users, in any subject. It expects its users to follow the library regulations.

The second Library, dedicated to the Modern Art (end of the XIXth century until decades of 60 and 70 of the XXth) is located in Barjeantane, Anne Gruner Schlumberger’s house, which contains also the Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger.

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