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May 2019

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May 2019

On May
at the Fondation des Treilles

Seminars and large group residential studies

Seminar “Mechanisms of Cellular Resilience in Health and Diseases“, organised by Anne Dejean (Pasteur Institute, Paris) and Anne Bertolotti (MRC-LMB, Dundee).
Cells and organisms have evolved to survive challenging conditions and thereby acquired resilience to damages. Thus, cells devote a large fraction of their resources to prevent accumulation of damages through multiple mechanisms collectively known as quality control systems. Central players of protein quality control are the protein degradation systems, ubiquitin and SUMO. Gradual loss of cellular resilience is underpinning aging and age-related diseases. Accumulation of abnormal proteins is the hallmark of the devastating neurodegenerative diseases. DNA damage is linked to cancer as well as aging and the cancer-associated DNA alterations also perturb protein homeostasis. This unique conference will bring scientists at the forefront of diverse mechanisms governing cellular fitness with a link to prominent human diseases.

Residential study “Mean-field and other effective models in mathematical physics“, organised by Mathieu Lewin.
The aim of this seminar is to bring together specialists, mathematicians and physicists, working on the validity of effective mean-field models and its extensions in mathematical physics. The following topics will be particularly covered: Bose-Einstein condensation and Bogoliubov theory, kinetic theories, Hartee-Fock method and density functional theory, Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory, random matrices, Coulomb gas, theorem of Finetti and quantum information.

Residential studies

Matthieu Gounelle is working on a story about meteorites and melancholy.

Guy Saez writes a book on the cultural policies of cities.

Pierre Lena is finalizing three writings, one on exoplanets and black holes, the second on his fight for “la main à la pâte” and the last one on climate change.

With Gesine Schiewer, meeting of the editors of a manual on “Language and emotion” to be published soon.

Authors’ Residency

Co-winner of the 2018 Authors’ Residency Prize, Violaine Bérot resides at the Fondation des Treilles from March to May 2019. She works on writing a fiction about the contemporary man’s connection to nature and animals, life on the fringes of consumerist society, mutual aid but also about the collapse of our industrial civilization.

Photographers’ Residency

Safaa Mazirh will work Amazigh women and tattoos, coded and mysterious language passed on from generation to generation to express all phases of their lives and the stages of their personal experience