Chêne © Dominique Laugé

June 2019

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Chêne © Dominique Laugé

June 2019

On June
at the Fondation des Treilles

Seminars and Residential study for large groups

FSER Seminar “Integrating Nutritional Signals and Metabolic Control of Cell Growth” organized by Mario Pende and Brendan Manning.

The meeting will gather twenty renowned international scientists to discuss advances in our understanding of how cells sense and respond to nutrients to impact cell metabolism and growth. Points of emphasis include how nutrient sensing pathways arose during evolution, their molecular mechanisms, and the pathological implications of dysfunction in nutrient-sensing signaling networks, with a focus on cancer, metabolic diseases, aging, and aging-related diseases.

Seminar “Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres: Earth, Mars, Venus”

The origin of the volatile elements (water, carbon, nitrogen, rare gases) in the inner planets – Earth, Venus, Mars, Moon – is always open to discussion. These elements made it possible to develop on Earth, and perhaps on Mars, the necessary environments for the development of life. This seminar will take stock of knowledge and propose new tracks and scenarios, bringing together junior researchers and specialists in astrophysics, cosmochemistry, geochemistry, and petrology of terrestrial planets and extraterrestrial bodies (meteorites, asteroids, comets).

Residential Study

Nora Philippe is coming to complete the manuscript of an essay – which is literary in form but with a scientific scope – devoted to black dolls, mainly in the United States, with a focus on African-American cloth dolls recently rediscovered. The book tells their story, and it will release both a theoretical and museological reflection on the object doll that a contribution to a history of arts marked by the black Atlantic. Book to be published in 2019 at Editions La Découverte (editor: Stéphanie Chevrier)

Centre André Gide – Jean Schlumberger

Arnaud Villanova, 2019 “Fondation des Treilles” laureate, will continue his project “Critical Biography of Jean Schlumberger, Editor and Author”.

Author’s residency prize

Co-winner in 2018, Spyridon Tegos begins the two-month residency that was awarded for his project to write an essay on the theme “Courtesy without a court? The French sources of Adam Smith and the genealogy of middle-class manners”.

Photographer’s Residency Prize (2018 winners)

Clément Chapillon will initiate a new documentary work which, in the continuation of his project “Promise Me a Land” in Israel / Palestine, explores an island territory this time: the Amorgos island located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, which represents in his eyes both a kind of catharsis and the heart of the Mediterranean soul. His testimony will ask several questions about the identity of its inhabitants, their way of life, and try to make the difference between myth and reality.

Corinne Mercadier will work on her project “Trance, divination, metamorphosis, and other mysteries. Female characters inspired by Greek mythology. This project is that of a woman artist who is aware of the often terrible status of women conveyed by these legendary stories. Daphne, Terpsichore, Pythia, Ariane and Pandora will be the first figures studied.