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The Exhibitions

  -    -  The Exhibitions

The first step undertaken by the Fondation des Treilles to honour its founder was the exhibition «Le regard d’un mécène» (Through a patron’s eyes) which was hosted by the Musée Cantini in Marseilles from December 2nd, 2005 to April 9th, 2006.

Since then, the collection has been presented under different exhibition titles:

From Brauner to Giacometti and from Leger to Matta. Masterpieces of the Fondation des Treilles “,

From November 24th, 2018 to February 24th, 2019 : Cannes, La Malmaison Art Center (47, La Croisette): 56 works selected from the Fondation des Treilles’ collection were exhibited.

“Von Arp bis Picasso”

From April 30th to August 21st 2016: Münster, Kunstmuseum Picasso.

Exhibition catalogue Von Arp bis Picasso. Die sammlung der Fondation des Treilles, Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster, April 2016.

“A reinvented collection”

From June 15th to October 13th 2013: L’Isle-Adam, Museum of Art and History.

“Von Arp bis Picasso”

From April 30th to August 21st 2016 : Münster, Kunstmuseum Picasso.

Exhibition catalogue Von Arp bis Picasso. Die sammlung der Fondation des Treilles, Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster, April 2016.

An intimate collection”

From January 20th to May 12th 2013 : Saint-Louis, Fernet-Branca Foundation.

Exhibition catalog An intimate collection. Journey inside the view, Fernet-Branca Foundation, January 2013.

“A special collection”

From June to October 2011 : Nîmes, Museum of Fine Arts.

Exhibition Catalog A special collection. Collection of the Foundation des Treilles, Museum of Fine Arts Nîmes, 2011.

“Collection of passions, passion for collections”

  • in the Chateau de Tours from 7 November 2009 to 17 January 2010.
  • in the Cultural and Economics Exchange Centre of Dinan from 12 July to 28 September 2008,
  • in the Brussels Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Ixelles from 13 June to 16 September 2007,
  • in the Milan Galleria Gruppo Credito Valtellinese between 2 March and 30 May 2007,

“A special collection”, in the Musée des Beaux Arts of Nîmes from June to October 2011.

“An intimate collection”, in the Fernet-Branca Foundation Museum, from 20 January to 12 May 2013.

Catalog Collection of passions, passion for collections, the Anne Gruner Schlumberger Collection for the Treilles Foundation – Museum of Ixelles, Brussels, May 2007.

Catalog Collection of passions, passion for collections – The Treilles Foundation – Galleria Gruppo, Milan, March 2007.

Drawings of painters and sculptures: the graphic art collection of the Fondation des Treilles, Catalog of the exhibition held in the salons of the Neuflize OBC bank in Paris from 1 September to 22 October 2009, Fondation des Treilles – Neuflize OBC.


The collection of the Treilles Foundation is also presented in more thematic exhibitions:

In 2009, its Graphic Arts collection also opened up to the public. In between September and October, the Fondation des Treilles exposed forty works on paper accompanied by sculptures by Max Ernst and Yassilakis Takis in the Neuflize Bank OBS’ venue in Paris.

In 2013, the “Miserere” by Georges Rouault was exhibited in Gaillac (France).

From March to June 2014, at the General Council of the Bouches du Rhône Art Gallery, some of the artists’ books collected by Anne Gruner Schlumberger were shown for the first time.

The exhibition “Hidden Treasures of a library – Artists’ books of the Fondation des Treilles” presented eighty-six works entrusted by the Fondation des Treilles, bibliophile books but also drawings and sculptures from the same artists.

By lending 111 wooden animals from its youth collection and made by the artisanal cooperative “Les jouets du Queyras” (Toys from the Queyras region in the Alps), the Fondation des Treilles contributed to the exhibition “The illustration of animals” organised in Draguignan’s library from November 30th, 2016 to January 7th 2017.

Then, her photographic collection – issued from the works of artists she received in residence – was exhibited in Paris, at the Hôtel de Sauroy, from May 11th to 20th, 2018, during the “Rencontres de la Fondation des Treilles”.