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Cultural & Artistic Heritage Prize of the Fondation des Treilles

  -    -  Cultural & Artistic Heritage Prize of the Fondation des Treilles

Created in 2010, the purpose of this prize is to support research on different architectural, landscape and artistic elements of the Fondation des Treilles’ heritage (Download the descriptive summary)

The following are a few of the different research themes which could be encouraged:

  • Pierre Barbe’s work at the Fondation des Treilles (notably from the use of the collection given to the IFA archives)
  • Henri Fisch’s work on the Fondation des Treilles’ landscape, as well as his work on other projects
  • Anne Gruner Schlumberger’s benefactress work (in all fields: painting, architecture, music, libraries…)
  • The Fondation des Treilles’ collection and surrealist artists.

Researchers who wish to be involved should download the application form and return it either by post to the Fondation des Treilles in Paris, or by email to direction[at]


Laureate 2011, for the year 2012: Claude PRIBETICH AZNAR

Project Theme: Analysis of the work of landscape architect Henri Fisch at the Treilles

Laureate 2010, for the year 2011: Chan Young PARK 

Project Theme: Analysis of Illustrated Books from the Treilles