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The Escourbiac – Fondation des Treilles Prize

  -    -  The Escourbiac – Fondation des Treilles Prize

The Escourbiac printing company and the Fondation des Treilles have created the “Prix Escourbiac – Fondation des Treilles”. This prize consists of a grant for the publication of a photographic book linked to the Mediterranean world. In January of each year, it is awarded by the jury for the Photography Prize.



Applications are open to all professional photographers who have already exhibited or published their images, regardless of age or nationality.

The publication project must necessarily have the Mediterranean world as its theme.

Only photographers whose photographic and editorial project is already completed can apply.

Candidates cannot apply for the Escourbiac – Fondation des Treilles Prize and the Fondation des Treilles Photography Residency Prize in the same year.

Applications must be sent before October 1 of the current year.

They are received via an online form including a curriculum vitae and an argument on the submitted project. At the same time, candidates must send a PDF document containing all the images and all the texts of the book to

All applications are evaluated by the jury, which designates a laureate.

The residence

The winner is welcomed on the Treilles estate for a period of 15 days to one month in March or April of the current year. Their accommodation and meals are paid for by the Foundation, which allow them to devote themself fully to their publication project. During their stay, they are accompanied by the publisher to finalize the work.

The book

The publishing and production costs of the book are entirely borne by the Odyssée publishing house and the Escourbiac printing company, which are also responsible for the communication and distribution of the book.

Each year, the book is presented during the opening week of the Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles (Arles photographic meetings).