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THE AUTHOR'S RESIDENCY PRIZE Laurence Lacour Is still at the Foundation to work on her new novel The fabric of heaven. The topic her book is a passionate love correspondence during the civil war between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. The novel has

SEMINARS Around warfare  From September 30 to October 3, this seminar, organized by Pierre Morel, will bring together fifteen high-level participants and will focus on the hybrid threats that characterize contemporary conflicts. “Hybrid warfare” combines military and non-military actions, conventional and unconventional means.

SEMINARS Convergent aquatic photosynthesis modelling for our planet From 14 to 19 September, this seminar organized by Olivier Bernard will welcome researchers issued from different scientific communities (oceanography, biology, biotechnology

In July, we will welcome 3 residential studies and the André Gide Jean Schlumberger Centre  prize. RESIDENTIAL STUDIES Annie Cohen Solal : « Picasso the foreigner » It is an essay on how the status of "foreigner" in France (1900 to 1973) impacted the work

Due to the current health context, seminars will not take place but we will welcome 2 residential studies, as well as our first photographer. RESIDENTIAL STUDIES Sophie Lalanne : « Le roman, la cité et l'Empire  » (the Novel, the city-state and the empire) The

Due to the current health context, the seminars and residential studies originally planned this month will not take place. The photography prize winners  The photographers who have won the Treilles Foundation Photography Prize have looked at the Mediterranean world. Personal, sometimes even

Because of the current health context, this month' seminars and residential studies have been cancelled. Author's Residency : Clément Bénech Our author is currently at the foundation working on his next novel "The belonging of Jeanne Popescu" or "Made in France". The meeting