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AGENDA Seminars Love and care between humans: new interdisciplinary perspectives, Nathalie Zaccaï-Reyners, Claire Marin & Frédéric Worms. At the heart of our ties to others, but also of our relationships to ourselves, we encounter an affective dimension that we relate to love. But

AGENDA Seminars Being Jewish in Literature, in France and in the Francophone World: Nelly Wolf & Maxime Decout. This seminar aims to question the founding role of Jewish identity in literary creation without reducing the works to this sole influence. It will

AGENDA Seminars The Tutankhamun Years: Egyptomania in the 20th Century, Popularization and Globalization of an Original Aesthetic Current - Jean-Marcel Humbert. This seminar – the first on this specific subject – is linked to the current event, the centenary of the discovery

AGENDA Seminars Evolution and diversity of Meiosis - Jean-René Huynh Meiosis is a key step in sexual reproduction. It is indeed at the end of the two meiotic divisions that the male and female gametes are produced, the meeting of which will form

AGENDA Seminars What controls the trade-cumulus cloud amount ? First lessons from the EUREC4A campaign - organized by Sandrine Bony and Björn Stevens. Trade-wind cumuli constitute the cloud type with the highest frequency of occurrence on Earth, and it has been shown that

AGENDA Seminars Rhythm : Human rhythms, world rhythms - organized by Robert Kopp From the ticking of clocks to the breaking of waves, the wheels of a train passing over the joints of the rails and the beating of our hearts, rhythm is

All the Fondation des Treilles teams wish you a Happy New Year 2022! AGENDA Jury of the Photography Prize For its 11th edition, the jury of the Photography Residency Prize, chaired by Jean-Luc Monterosso, will meet at the end of January to study