Conditions for accommodations

Guests are lodged in a number of houses spread out over the estate, the closest to the “Grande Maison” only a couple of minutes away. Cars are available to reach more remote houses (up to two kilometres following the road), but walking remains by far the most agreeable means of transport.

Each house has between one and three rooms with a shower or bathroom, one or two kitchens particularly intended for breakfast. There are telephones, but not yet Internet connection everywhere. Each guest will find the necessary household linen and, in accordance with the express wish of the founder, a torch and an umbrella.

The Foundation provides an environment which frees its guests from every-day worries and in return asks that they take good care of the surroundings and any material provided.

The essential peace and quiet of the property has a single disadvantage: it is at a distance from a number of services.

Health related:
the closest medical practice is 5 km away,
the nearest hospital 13 km and
the nearest pharmacy 7 km.

The Foundation is equipped with a very basic first-aid kit but it is vital that guests bring with them the medication that they need.

Other requirements (clothes, computer-related, etc.)
Salernes : 8 km
Draguignan : 15 km

Advice for clothing
In order to move around the property in comfort, shoes with heels are not recommended and for hikers walking shoes will prove very useful.

If it is recommended to take sunglasses and a hat with you, we remind you that the nights in spring and autumn can be rather cool.