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Photography Prize – Terms and conditions of participation

– Duration and period of the stay The duration of the stay cannot be less than 1 month and obligatorily, except duly justified exception, in the opening period of the foundation to seminars, generally from March to November, with an … Continue reading

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Photography Prize – Guideline to compete

Guidelines to compete for the Photography Prize Eligibility The photography prize of the Fondation des Treilles is open to all professional photographers with neither age limit nor nationality considerations. Photographers must have already published or exhibited their work. The subject … Continue reading

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Cancer: translation of advances in basic science to human therapy

Significant advances in our knowledge base of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer: review and perspectives. Continue reading

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About Birth: a transdisciplinary approach

Participants: François Ansermet, Patrick Autréaux, Lazare Benaroyo, Déborah Bertherat, Chantal Birman, Frédérique Bisiaux, Arnaud Bouaniche, Françoise Davoine, Florence Degavre, Anne-Marie Dickelé, Martin Dumont, Marion Hendrickx, Céline Lefève, Claire Marin (organisateur), Jean-Christophe Mino, Carole Widmaier, Frédéric Worms (organiser), Nathalie Zaccaï-Reyners   … Continue reading

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Voice Academy 2018 – Mozart and Da Ponte
29 October – 4 November, 2018

VOICE ACADEMY 2018 – MOZART and DA PONTE Direction : Ivan Alexandre, musicologist, producer and director of the Voice Academy, assisted by Julien Benhamou, director of casting and of artistic coordination of the Opéra National de Bordeaux and Alain Perroux, … Continue reading

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Mathematical modeling of tissue growth and repair

Contribution of cell mechanics to cell fate determination and tissue integrity: from an interdisciplinary point of view Continue reading

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Understanding Extreme Nearshore Wave Events through Studies of Coastal Boulder Transport

Recent field observations have shown that very large boulders, up to several hundred tonnes mass, can be moved by high energy storm waves. These findings contradict a prominent assumption within the scientific community that only tsunami waves would be capable of moving such rocks Continue reading

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Stem cells and cancer

The meeting aimed to discuss the advances that have taken place in the field of stem cells and their relationship with cancer initiation, tumor growth, metastatic spread, and response to anti-cancer treatments. The meeting brought together some of the most prestigious scientists in these fields. Continue reading

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Cell polarity and morphogenesis

Participants : Jean-Paul Borg, Arnaud Echard, Nathan (Nate) Goehring, André Le Bivic (organisateur), Pierre-François Lenne, Ian G. Macara, Jean-Léon Maître, Sophie Martin, Fernando Martín-Belmonte, Mireille Montcouquiol, Edwin Munro, Caren Norden, Ewa Paluch, Rytis Prekeris, Josana Rodriguez, Bénédicte Sanson, Daniel St … Continue reading

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Arithmetic statistics and Diophantine Stability

Arithmetic statistics and Diophantine Stability: the broad objective of our workshop was to understand rational points on curves in a theoretical and computational way|with an eye toward statistics that govern their behavior. Continue reading

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