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Synapses: from Complexity to Diversity

Participants : Jean-Louis Bessereau (organiser), Thomas Biederer, Kendal Broadie, Nils Brose, Melissa Cizeron, Joris De Wit, Cagla Eroglu-Bagnat, Csaba Földy, Seth Grant, Etienne Herzog, Bérangère Pinan-Lucarré, Erin Schuman, Fekrije Selimi (organiser), Kang Shen, Séverine Sigoillot, Scott Soderling, Olivier Thoumine, Antoine … Continue reading

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The poetics and politics of putting science on display (19th – 21st century)

Book project devoted to a history and analysis of the political and cultural issues of staging science from 19th century to the present day Continue reading

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Cytokinesis, the final step of cell division

Participants : Renata Basto, William (Bill) Bement, Julie C. Canman, Jeremy Carlton, Arnaud Echard (organiser), Ulrike (Riki) Eggert, Christine Field, Daniel Gerlich, Mariagrazia Giansanti, Michael Glotzer, Gilles Hickson, Carsten Janke, Péter Lénárt, Juan Martin-Serrano, Juliette Mathieu, Thomas Müller-Reichert, Karen Oegema, … Continue reading

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Seminar on Language and Emotion

The topic of emotion is central to many fields spanning arts, science and engineering. The papers and contribution discussed cover the topic of language and emotion from psychology and clinical psychology, healthcare, linguistics, anthropology, cultural and media studies, literature, law, art and design, philosophy, history, sociology, education, computer engineering, and economics. Continue reading

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Barbara Cassin at Les Treilles

In addition to the strategic orientation seminars of the Fondation des Treilles in which she participated as a member of the Scientific Council, Barbara Cassin also organized (or participated in) three seminars at the Treilles : Untranslatable Heritage Words (September, … Continue reading

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Urban Dimension of Religious Conflict and Conflict Resolution

While all cities are arenas of contestation, some cities exhibit specific forms of conflict arising from the salience of religious activity Continue reading

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Liste des participants : Alessandro Bausi, Claire Bosc-Tiessé, Antonella Brita, Amélie Chekroun, Marie-Laure Derat, François-Xavier Fauvelle (organisateur), Emmanuel Fritsch, Margaux Herman, Bertrand Hirsch, Samantha Kelly (organisateur), Habte Michael Kidane, Denis Nosnitsin, Benjamin Weber, Deresse Woldetsadik L’Ethiopie et les Ethiopiens au … Continue reading

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Brain evolution: from genes to circuits

Discussion about recent advances in our understanding of the genetic, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying brain evolution. Continue reading

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Integrating High Throughput Approaches in Neural Crest Development and Disease

A deep understanding of neural crest biology is essential for fundamental research as well as for analysis of human disease. Continue reading

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Molecular and Classical Taxonomy

This meeting was held to explore the relationships between morphological and molecular systematics. It focused on the interest of many who have recognized that, while molecules hold great promise as a source of data, many problems remain in how these data should be integrated with morphological data sets or phylogenetic estimates Continue reading

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