Anne Dejean and Hugues de Thé at Les Treilles

Anne Dejean participated in three seminars at Les Treilles :

* en 2001, Seminar « Cancer research and therapy in the 21st century»

* en 2004, Seminar « From fundamental research to cancer therapy – present and future»

* en 2009, Seminar « Cancer: from fundamental research to prevention and therapy »

Since 1992, Hugues de Thé organised (or participated in) 9 meetings at Les Treilles:

1992: Seminar “Molecular medicine” organised by Professor Fotis Kafatos (1940-2017)

2001: Seminar “Pathogenesis of Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia”

2003: Meeting of the scientific committee of The ARC Foundation for Cancer Research

2004: Seminar “New approaches for cancer treatment based on our molecular understanding of oncogenesis” organised by Johannes L. Bos

2006: Residential Study “What operational strategies for translational research in oncology?“ organised by Daniel Louvard

2007: Seminar “What have mouse models taught us about cancer biology?“

2010: Seminar “How can mouse models taught us about cancer biology?“

2014: Seminar “Overcoming therapeutic resistance to defeat cancer” organised by David Tuveson

2016: Seminar “Animal models of hematological malignancies

Hugues de Thé came also to Les Treilles in 2014 to write his Inaugural Lecture in “Cellular and Molecular Oncology” at the College de France

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