Guidelines to apply for a residential study

The estate of “Les Treilles” has been established with the aim of providing conditions favouring concentration and creativity.

Residential studies are open for studies related to all areas of knowledge: they are intended to release the creativity too often constrained by the limits of the laboratory or the studio and intended for researchers and artists who would like to benefit from these conditions, either individually or in small groups. Accompanying persons are not invited.

Number of persons and duration – For 1 to 4 persons, you may apply for a residency of 3 days up to 3 weeks ; for more than 4 persons, the duration is of one week only.

Regardless of the number of participants and the length of stay, accompanying individuals can not be accommodated by the Foundation.

Travel expenses: for residential studies taxis from and to the airport or the railway station are booked and borne by the Foundation but travel expenses shall be arranged and supported by each participant.

Application file: to facilitate the evaluation of the submission by the Scientific Council, a request for residential study must include the names of three persons likely to act as referees.

Applications are evaluated by the Scientific Council in February (dossiers to be submitted early January) and in October (applications to be sent early September).
Note: Residential studies of more than 4 participants are reviewed at the October session only.

[Download the request form]

The Foundation expects that its support be acknowledged in any artistic work or publication resulting from their period of resident study, and requests authors to forward a copy of their publication.


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