Guidelines for the organisation of seminars

The seminars sponsored by the Foundation are held at “Les Treilles” at the invitation of the Fondation des Treilles.

1. Guests

The number of participants of each seminar is limited to 20, including two postdoctoral researchers at least.
It is preferred half of the participants to be working in France or any other European country.
The Fondation cannot welcome accompanying individuals.

2. Duration

Each seminar normally extends over six days: four days of conference plus one day each for arrival and departure. The Foundation expects that all participants will remain during the entire seminar.

3. Reimbursement of travel expenses

Organisers are strongly advised to seek outside funding.
However, when necessary, the Foundation can contribute to the travel expenses. If so, travel costs are reimbursed according to the estimate provided with the request form and after acceptance by the Foundation.

4. Seminar follow-up

Within the month following the meeting organizers will supply:

  • a summary of one to two pages about the work carried out during the seminar which will be published on the website of the Foundation, and
  • a French résumé of about twenty lines to be included on the Foundation’s annual report.

Moreover the Foundation expects from participants that mention of its support is made in all works published as the result of a seminar.

5. Request and programming

requests for the organization of a seminar in accordance with the principles above must be made on a special form and submitted no later than one year before the scheduled meeting. To facilitate the evaluation of the submission by the Scientific Council requests are to include the names of two persons not part of the project, who are affiliated with two different institutions and likely to act as referees.
The submission form

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