2019 events

Themes of the seminars and residentials studies that should be hosted by the Foundation des Treilles in 2018:


Photography prize : final selection 2018 laureates

Residential study: Last design phase of the collective work : Encounters around order and combinations in the nineteenth century…(8 p.)


Seminar « Cilia and the Brain »

Residential study: Random Walks and Polymers: interacting and folding (15 p.)

Residential study: World History of Slavery


Seminar « Art, Science and Mineral at the Turning of Eras, from the last Years of Enlightenment through the Twilight of Romanticism »

Residential study: All aspects of Landscape(4 p.)

Residential study: Revision work of the novel “Pelican Girls”

Residential study: Paracelsus and his followers under investigation: an early modern European workshop of alchemical, cosmological and philosophical forgeries (18 pers.) 


Residential study: Cities cultural policies (writing of a book)

Seminar « Mechanisms of Cellular Resilience in Health and Diseases »

Residential study: Mean-field and other effective models in mathematical physics (20 p.)

Residential study: “Exoplanets and Black Hole”, “La main à la pâte” and “Climate change education

Residential study: Climate change eduction


Residential study: Black dolls

Seminar FSER « Nutrient sensing and the metabolic control of cell growth »

Seminar « Origin and evolution of planetary atmospheres – Earth, Mars, Venus »


Seminar FSER : Meeting 2019 of the FSER laureates

Seminar « Around The Rothko Chapel »

August / September

Seminar « Domestication and Fabrication of the Living. Towards and Anthropology of Life »

Seminar « Histories of the year 1000 »

Residential study: “Concerto”, musical novel

Residential study: Inventory of Montestquieu’s Correspondence (work session)

Seminar « Ernst Haeckel (1934-1919) and the French »


Seminar FSER « Stem cells and stress response mechanisms »

Residential study: Is the peri-urban an object of history of art?

Voice Academy 2019 : “Mozart… and after” (invited professor: Dame Felicity Palmer

Seminar FSER « Growth, patterning and scaling during development »

Prize and Residencies Laureates

Author residency
Violaine Bérot, Eddie Breuil and Spyridon Tegos

Photographer residency
Selection in progress

Prix du Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger
Arnaud Villanova (Fondation des Treilles’ laureate)
Nikol Dziub (Fondation Catherine Gide’s laureate)