2018 events

Themes of the seminars and residentials studies that should be hosted by the Foundation des Treilles in 2018:


Residential Study: “Last design phase of the collective work : « Philosophy of chemistry textbook »” (12 participants)


Seminar “Religious Territoriality and Spatiality: The Urban Dimension of Religious Conflict and Conflict Resolution”

Residential Study: “Safeguard and share fifteen years of fieldwork: finilization of a database dedicated to the rock art of Ladakh (Indian Himalayas)”

Residential Study: “Archival research toward the digital edition of Marcel Proust’s correspondence”

Seminar “Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the Middle Ages: Toward an Interdisciplinary and Cross-Confessional Synthesis”


Seminar “Cytokinesis, the final step of cell division” (FSER)

Seminar “Brain-Periphery Communications in Metabolic Control”


Seminar on Language and Emotion

Seminar “Synapses: from Complexity to Diversity”

Seminar “The poetics and politics of putting science on display (19th – 21st


Seminar “A world of Letters. Writers of the First NRF”

Seminar “Cell polarity and morphogenesis” (FSER)

Residential Study: “The reception of the ancient authors in Medieval France, Germany and Italy”


Seminar “Cultural apocalypses, salvation, and saviours. Anthropology of heritage activists”

Seminar “Arithmetic Statistics and Diophantine Stability”

Residential Study “to write a pedagogical book in sciences for a new collection”

Residential Study “August Schmarsow, or architecture shaping space. A Collection”

August / September

Seminar “Births, interdisciplinary approaches in care studies”

Residential Study: “Théo van Rysselberghe and the circle of André Gide

Seminar “ Stem cells and cancer” (FSER)

Seminar “Convergences and divergences of societies, cultures, civilizations”


Seminar “Contribution of cell mechanics to cell fate determination and tissue integrity: from an interdisciplinary point of view” (FSER)

Seminar “Understanding Extreme Nearshore Wave Events through Studies of Coastal Boulder Transport”


Session 2018 of the “Academy of voice” – Dame Felicity Lott – Mozart and Da Ponte

Seminar “Integrating High Throughput Approaches in Neural Crest Development and Disease”

Residential study: “Mathematical modeling of tissue growth and repair” (20 participants)


Prize and Residencies Laureates

Author residency
Louis-Philippe d’Alembert, Olivier Dhénin and Michaël Ferrier (2017 laureates) and Emmanuel Ruben (2016 laureate)

Photographer residency
Nicolas Comment, Laurie Dall’Ava and Alex Majoli

Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger :
Paola Codazzi (laureate of the Fondation Catherine Gide) and Alexandre Mare (laureate of the Fondation des Treilles)