Synaptic function & neurocognitive abnormalities in children


Cara Allen, Jean-Louis Bessereau, Jamel Chelly, Stanislas Dehaene, Nuria Flames, Uta Frith, Thierry Galli (Organiser), Yukiko (Yuki) Goda, Z. Josh Huang, Yann Humeau, Dominique Muller, Kazuhoshi Nakazawa, Silvia Paracchini, Nicolas Ramoz, Alcino J. Silva, Michel Simonneau (Organiser), Frédérique Varoqueaux


Synaptic function & neurocognitive abnormalities in children
by Michel Simonneau and Thierry Galli
12-18 September, 2005

The review of the workshop “Synaptic function & neurocognitive abnormalities in children’’ being written in French, below is given the programme of the meeting, including titles of talks:

Session Synapses: development & function (Moderator: Dominique Muller)

Thierry Galli (Institut Jacques Monod, UMR 7592, Paris, France) – Exocytosis in neuronal differentiation and brain development: role of the tetanus neurotoxin-insensitive pathway.

Yukiko Goda (MRC Cell Biology Unit & Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London, UK) – Synapse regulation across the cleft and between boutons

Jean-Louis Bessereau (ENS, Paris, France) – Building synapses: a genetic analysis in C. elegans.


Session Synaptic plasticity & diseases (Moderator: Michel Simonneau)

Kazuoshi Nakazawa (Genetics of Cognition and Behavior Unit, NIMH, Bethesda, USA) – Molecular dissection of hippocampus-dependent memory function

Yann Humeau (INCI, Centre de Neurochimie, Strasbourg, France) – GABA in the lateral amygdala to control Hebb and fear learning


Session Dendrites & diseases (Moderator: Yukiko Goda)

  1. Josh Huang (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York, USA) – Construction and plasticity of GABAergic circuits

Michel Simonneau (INSERM E 9935, Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris, France) – Dysregulation of a NRSE-controlled Bene repertoire in a trisomy 21 model

Discussion: Dendrites & diseases


Session Modelling of Developmental disorders (Moderator: Thierry Galli)

Uta Frith (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience & University College London, London, UK) – Causal modelling of developmental disorders: a framework for interdisciplinary debate

Stanislas Dehaene (INSERM U562, CEA, Orsay, France) – Neuroimaging and modelling studies of mathematical cognition and its disorders


Session Identified synaptic targets and diseases (Moderator: Josh Huang)

Dominique Muller (Département de Neurosciences Fondamentales, Centre Médical Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland) – Role of the mental retardation gene PAK3 in the control of synapse formation and plasticity in the hippocampus

Jamel Chelly (Institut Cochin, INSERM unité 567 CNRS UMR 8104, Université Paris V, France) – Molecular basis for X-linked mental retardation

Discussion: ldentified synaptic targets and diseases


Session Synaptic genes and moIecuIes (Moderator: Kazu Nakazuma)

Frederique Varoqueaux (Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, Göttingen, Germany) – The role of neuroligins in synaptogenesis and synaptic function

Nuria Flames (Instituto de Neurociencias CSIC & Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Sant Joan D’Alacant, Spain) – Tangential migration of cortical interneurons: Role of Neuregulin-1 in cortical attraction


Session Genetics of complex diseases (Moderator: Jamel Chelly)

Nicolas Ramoz (INSERM – U 675 Faculté X. Bichat, Paris, France) – Genetics of autism: endophenotypes, loci, and genes of susceptibility

Silvia Paracchini (Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford, UK) – The genetic basis of dyslexia: analysis of the chromosome 6p22 locus


Discussion on genetics of complex diseases

Round table: candidate genes, synapses & diseases

Round table: models, imaging & diseases

General discussion: novel strategies?


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