Philippe Anderson, Sébastien Balibar, John Beamish, Jordi Boronat, Bernard Castaing, Frédéric Caupin, Moses Chan, Laurent Chevillard, Jean Dalibard, Gustavo During, Alexander Fetter, Christophe Josserand (organiser), Eunseong Kim, Xavier Leyronas, Yves Pomeau (organiser), Luciano Reatto, John Reppy, Sergio Rica (organiser), David Roberts


by Christophe Josserand
15 – 20 juillet 2008

The review of this seminar being in French, hereafter are given the titles of the talks given during this meeting:

Philip Anderson (Princeton) – Bosons are Different From Fermions

Sébastien Balibar (LPS-ENS, Paris) – Grain boundaries in solid Helium 4

John Beamish – Elastic and flow properties of solid Helium.

Jordi Boronat (Univ. Polit. Catalunya, Barcelona) – Bose-Einstein quantum statistics and the ground state of solid 4He

Bernard Castaing (ENS-Lyon) – The Grenoble 1989 experiment

Frédéric Caupin (LPS-ENS, Paris) – Grain boundaries in solid Helium 4

Moses Chan (Penn. State Univ.) – 1) ”Can a solid be superfluid?” – 2) Recent results from Penn State

Laurent Chevillard (ENS-Lyon) – Numerical experiments on virtual supersolids

Jean Dalibard (LKB-ENS, Paris) – Experiments with atomic gases: Bose-Einstein condensation and/or superfluidity

Gustavo During (LPS-ENS, Paris) – Nanoscopic equations of a supersolid

Alexander Fetter (Standford) – Is a superfluid vortex lattice a supersolid?

Christophe Josserand (Institut D’Alembert, Paris) – Coexistence of ordinary elasticity and superfluidity in a model of Supersolid

Eunseong Kim (KAIST) – Non-classical response of solid Helium confined in porous media

Xavier Leyronas (LPS-ENS, Paris) – Equation of state of dilute composite bosons

Yves Pomeau (Paris) – Some thoughts on supersolid theory

Luciano Reatto (Milan Univ.) -Static and dynamical properties of solid 4He at zero temperature

John Reppy (Cornell) – Supersolid Research at Cornell

Sergio Rica (LPS-ENS, Paris) – Macroscopical Equations of a Supersolid

David Roberts (CNLS, Los Alamos) – When superfluids are a drag

Read the review in French

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