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Understanding Extreme Nearshore Wave Events through Studies of Coastal Boulder Transport

Recent field observations have shown that very large boulders, up to several hundred tonnes mass, can be moved by high energy storm waves. These findings contradict a prominent assumption within the scientific community that only tsunami waves would be capable of moving such rocks Continue reading

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2004 Boxing Day tsunami: analysis and interpretation of the results of the Indian Ocean expedition

Various aspects of the devastating tsunami of 26 December 2004: earthquake, seafloor deformation, tsunami propagation, runup and inundation, data collected during the expedition organized soon after the tsunami. Participants Charles J. Ammon, Jack Asavanant, Christin Ashamankas, James A. Austin, Christopher … Continue reading

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Mathematical modeling and analysis of extreme sea waves

Participants Ricardo Barros, Oliver Bühler, Miguel Bustamante, Wooyoung Choi, Didier Clamond, Frédéric Dias, Angel Duran Martin, Denys Dutykh (organisateur), Francesco Fedele, Serge Guillas, Christian Kharif, Chiang Mei, Paul Milewski (organisateur), Marie Hai Yen Nguyen, Themistoklis Stefanakis, Esteban Tabak, Jon Wilkening … Continue reading

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