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Time, chaos and dynamics

Is irreversibility a fundamental property of nature? Time, the sensation of this irreversible link between the past and the future, always seeks its interpretation in science! Continue reading

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Time, chaos and resonances

Time,chaos and resonances: recent developments in mathematics and physics and directions for the future researches Continue reading

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ProusTime: thinking time with Marcel Proust

Liste des participants : Pierre-Marc de Biasi, Anaïs Bouzou, François Charru, Jean-Marc Devaud, Francis Eustache, Etienne Klein, Anne Le Draoulec, Gaël Le Roux, Marie-Paule Péry-Woodley, Isabelle Serça (organisateur), Gérard Tiné, Colette Zytnicki ProusTime: thinking time with Marcel Proust, from human … Continue reading

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Politics, Affectivity, Intimacy. Part II – Identities and Modes of Temporality

Participants : Ludivine Bantigny, Clémentine Chiarelli, Catherine Desnos, Alexandre Escudier, Marion Lary, Anne Muxel (organisateur), Janie Pélabay, Pascal Perrineau, Myriam Revault d’Allonnes, Annette Wieviorka Review (in French) Politics, Affectivity, Intimacy (2) – Identities and modes of temporality by Anne Muxel … Continue reading

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