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Cancer: translation of advances in basic science to human therapy

Significant advances in our knowledge base of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer: review and perspectives. Continue reading

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New approaches for cancer treatment based on molecular understanding of oncogenesis

Cancer therapy: various aspects of understanding the mechanism of tumor formation and the translation of this knowledge in the development of new treatments. What the next steps will be in translating our molecular understanding of cancer into therapy Continue reading

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From fundamental research to cancer therapy – present and future

Participants Jean-Pierre Abastado, Gareth Bond, Sara A. Courtneidge, Anne Dejean, Olivier Delattre, Jean Feunteun, Daniel Haber, Peter Herrlich, Peter M. Howley (Organisateur), Tony Hunter, Tyler Jacks, William G. Kaelin, Adi Kimchi, Joseph R. Nevins, Moshe Oren, Gérard Orth, Pier Giuseppe … Continue reading

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