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Anopheles–malaria interactions

Rencontre autour de l’une des plus importantes maladies infectieuses dans le monde : la malaria. Des spécialistes des différentes branches de la biologie partagent leurs connaissances. Continue reading

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Anopheles–malaria interactions

Interdisciplinary meeting focused upon interactions between Anopheline mosquitoes and Plasmodium parasites. Malaria poses one of the most serious threats to human health in much of the tropical and subtropical parts of the world today. In the absence of an effective vaccine against the Plasmodium parasite and with the emergence of drug-resistant parasite strains and insecticide-resistant mosquito vectors, it is realistic to predict a continuing worsening of this problem. Continue reading

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New frontiers in malaria parasite and Anopheles mosquito engineering

Prospects opened up by recent developments in the field of genetic engineering of the malaria parasite and its mosquito vector. Continue reading

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