Plurality of intellectual abilities and their evaluations

Participants :

Elie Bienenstock* (Laboratoire d’électronique de l’ESPCI, Paris), Léon Bottou* (Société neuristique, Paris), John Hopfield* (Caltech, Pasadena, Californie), Bernard Julia* , organisateur (ENS Paris), Jacques Lautrey* (Université René-Descartes, Paris), Claude Lévy-Leboyer* (Université René-Descartes, Paris), Todd Lubart* (Yale University, New Haven, USA), Joseph D. Matarazzo* (Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, USA), Jean-Charles Pomerol* (Laboratoire Formes et Intelligence Artificielle, LAFORIA, Institut Blaise-Pascal, Université Paris VI, France), Lauren Resnick* (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Philippe Robaey* (Hôpital Sainte-Justine, Research Canada Center, Montréal), Heinz Schuler* (Universitaet Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Allemagne), Bertrand Schwartz (Fondation Kremlin-Bicêtre, France), Robert Sternberg* (Yale University, New Haven, USA), Gérard Toulouse* (ENS Paris, France), Jacques Vauthier* (Université Paris VI, France)

Titles of talks

Elie Bienenstock – Neural representation (composition and synchronisation)

Léon Bottou – Generalisation and discrimination abilities of artificial neural networks

John Hopfield – Presentation of the Neural Networks program

Bernard Julia – Organisational remarks and concluding discussion

Jacques Lautrey – Variability and cognitive development

Claude Lévy-Leboyer – Intelligence measurement? The practician’s utopias (questions and ethical problems)

Todd Lubart – Assessing and developing creativity

Joseph D. Matarazzo – Mental testing, an introduction

Joseph D. Matarazzo et Philippe Robaey – Discussion: EEG/Cognitive evaluation

Jean-Charles Pomerol – Can an AI oriented computer scientist say something about “mental abilities”?

Lauren Resnick – Situated cognition; A new performance assessment system

Philippe Robaey – Evoked potentials and cognition

Heinz Schuler – Rather communication than inspiration and transpiration? On performance requirements in highly qualified occupations

Bertrand Schwartz – Experiences of adult training

Robert Sternberg – An investment theory of creativity; Intellectual styles; Discussion: Elementary processes of intelligence/New tests

Gérard Toulouse – Some observations

Jacques Vauthier – The issue of gifted students

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