Our guests at the front

Valérie Castellani, CNRS 2018 Innovation Medal. Valérie Castellani participated in two seminars at Les Treilles: in 2005, “Development and regeneration of neural connections” organised by Alain Chedotal and Marc Teissier-Lavigne and, in 2013, “The future of axon guidance” organised by Alain Chedotal and Alex Kolodkin.

Tasuku Honjo, with James P. Allison, Nobel prize 2018 in Physiology or Medicine. Tasuku Honjo, came to les Treilles in 1999 for the seminar « Cell-cell Interactions and Notch Signalling Pathways » organised by Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas and Walter Gehring, then in 2010 for the seminar FSER « Break down of tolerance to self: from innate immunity to auto-immune diseases » organised by Jean-François Bach, Jules Hoffmann and Antonio Coutinho.

Barbara Cassin, Gold medal CNRS 2018. Former member of the scientific council of the Foundation, Barbara Cassin organised (or participated in) three seminars at Les Treilles.

Etienne Ghys elected Permanent Secretary of the Academy of Sciences for the first division (mathematical and physical sciences, sciences of the universe, and their applications). In 2011, Etienne Ghys participated in the preparatory meeting for the implementation of the “Fondation la main à la pâte” and in 2014, organised the seminar “Algebraic topology as seen by Poincaré“.

Among the Grand Prizes awarded by the Academy of Sciences in 2018, Eric Gilson receives the Charles Leopold Mayer Prize. In 2004, Eric Gilson participated in the seminar “Origin and evolution of the eucaryotic nucleus“.

Pascale Cossart, winner of the 2018 FEMS-Lwoff Award. In June 2007, Pascale Cossart participated in the seminar “Dendritic cells, what’s next?“.

Jean-Pierre Changeux, laureate of the 2018 Albert-Einstein Science Prize. Professor Changeux participated in two meetings at the Treilles: “Molecular genetic analysis of vertebrate nervous system development” in 1998 and “Sensory processing, learning and cognition” in 2004.

Jean-Luc Monterosso, member of the jury of the Photography prize of the Fondation des Treilles, elected correspondent of the photography section of the Académie des Beaux-Arts

On Thursday, May 3, 2018, Barbara Cassin was elected to the French Academy. In addition to the strategic orientation seminars of the Fondation des Treilles in which she participated as a member of the Scientific Council, Barbara Cassin also organized (or participated in) three seminars at Les Treilles.

Benjamin Pelletier’s book “Les Années discrètes” selected by the jury of the 2018 Marcel Pagnol award. The author is one of the laureates 2016 of the Author’s Residency Prize and ended his writting during his stay at Les Treilles.

Claire Nouvian receives the Goldman Prize for the environment 2018. Claire Nouvian has been hosted Treilles in 2008 for a residential study dedicated to oceanography.

Laurence Zitvogel and Guido Kroemer, InBev-Baillet Latour Award 2018. Laurence Zitvogel participated in the seminar “Dendritic cells research, what’s next?” organised at Les Treilles by Frederic Geissman and Philippe Pierre in June 2007.

Yves Balmer, Thomas Lacote and Christopher Brent Murray, Special Prize “France Musique des Muses” 2018 for Model and Invention: Olivier Messiaen and the technique of borrowing (Symmetry, December 2017). To work on this book, the three authors came to the Treilles for residential study stay in July 2012.

The Pritzker Architecture Prize 2018 awarded to Balkrishna V. Doshi. In 1988, Balkrishna Doshi participated in the meeting “History and technique in today’s architure” organised at Les Treilles by Ieoh Ming Pei, Renzo Piano and Yannis Tsiomis.

2018’s Sjöberg Prize is awarded to Zhu Chen, Anne Dejean and Hugues de Thé  for the clarification of molecular mechanisms and the development of a revolutionary treatment for acute promyelocytic leukaemia.” They have succeeded in curing one of the deadliest forms of cancer using a unique treatment method that is based on arsenic and retinoic acid. This method shows how cancer treatment is becoming more targeted as we learn more about the mechanisms responsible for the disease.

Read “Anne Dejean and Hugues de Thé at Les Treilles”

The Japan prize 2018 in “Medical Science and Medicinal Science” field is awarded to Max Cooper and Jacques Miller for their Discovery of B and T lymphocyte lineages and its impact on understanding disease pathology and therapeutic development.
In 2010, Max Cooper participated in the seminar “Break down of tolerance to self: from innate immunity to auto-immune diseases” organised at Les Treilles by Jean-François Bach, Jules A. Hoffmann and Antonio Coutinho.

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