Netrin: from guiding axons to clinical trials


Greg Bashaw, Hua Linda Cai, Alain Chédotal (organisateur), Christel Depienne, Mary Hynes, Marko Hyytiäinen, Marie Melissa Jasmin, Artur Kania, Manuel Koch, Fabrice Lavial, Patrick Mehlen (organisateur), Philippe Monnier, Kathryn Moore, Romain Parent, Jonathan Raper, Anna Maria Rita Redavid, Sergi Roig Puiggros, Mike Sapieha, Elena Seiradake, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Keqiang Ye


Netrin: from guiding axons to clinical trials
by Patrick Mehlen (Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Lyon, Lyon, France and Alain Chédotal (Institut de la Vision, Paris, France)
24 – 29 July 2017

Key words: netrin ; cancer ; embryonic development ; axon guidance ; brain ; neurodegenerative disease ; diabete ; macrophage


Greg BASHAW Conserved mechanisms of axon guidance receptor sorting and signaling at the midline in fly and mouse
Hua Linda CAI Netrin-1 in cardiovascular protection
Alain CHÉDOTAL Role of Netrin1 and its receptors in the development and evolution of commissural systems
Christel DEPIENNE Dominant Mutations in DCC cause agenesis of the corpus callosum in humans
Mary HYNES Netrin-mediated guidance of dopaminergic axons ; and Novel RNA processing
Marko HYYTIÄINEN Netrin-1 in glioblastoma invasive processes
Marie Melissa JASMIN Netrin-1 and Parkinson’s disease
Artur KANIA Ephrin potentiates Netrin signalling
Manuel KOCH Structural insights into netrin-1 and -4 functions
Fabrice LAVIAL Control of self-renewal and lineage commitment by bifunctional signalling in stem cells
Patrick MEHLEN Netrin-1 as a survival factor: therapeutic application
Philippe MONNIER Neogenin is involved in multiple CNS conditions
Kathryn MOORE Role of netrin-1 in chronic inflammatory diseases
Romain PARENT Netrin-1, netrin-1 receptors and Hepatitis virus
Jonathan RAPER Axon guidance in the olfactory system
Anna Maria Rita REDAVID Netrin-1 and Tumor Immunosurveillance
Sergi ROIG PUIGGROS The role of Netrin-1 in precerebelar neurons migration
Mike (Przemyslaw) SAPIEHA Netrin in Retinal Vascular Disease
Elena SEIRADAKE Unc5 and FLRT complexes
Marc TESSIER-LAVIGNE Function and mechanism of Netrins in axon guidance
Keqiang YE Netrin Deprivation Triggers Delta-secretase Activation in Neurodegenerative Diseases

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Greg Bashaw Hua Linda Cai Alain Chédotal Christel Depienne Mary Hynes Marko Hyytiäinen Marie Melissa Jasmin Arthur Kania Manuel Koch Fabrice Lavial Patrick Mehlen Philippe Monnier Kathryn Moore Romain Parent Jonathan Raper Anna Maria Rita Redavid Sergi Roig Puiggros Mike Sapieha Elena Seiradake Marc Tessier-Lavigne Keqiang Ye Netrin : du guidage des axones aux essais cliniques / Netrin: from guiding axons to clinical trials - Fondation des Treilles
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