Molecular neurobiology

Meeting organized at Les Treilles by Spyros Artavanis-Tsakonas and Fotis C. Kafatos from 16 to 20 June, 1991 : Participants, Institutions and titles of talks:

Molecular neurobiology (16 - 20 juin 1991)

Nom/NamePrenom/First nameInstitutionTitle of talk
Artavanis-TsakonasSpyrosYale University, New Haven, USACell interactions and neuroblast segregation in Drosophila
BetzHeinrichZentrum für Molekulare Biologie (ZMBH) der Universität Heidelberg, GermanyHomology, analogy and diversity of synaptic membran proteins
BraySarahCambridge University, UKDrosophila neuronal gene expression
BuckLindaColumbia University, New York, USAA molecular basis for odor discrimination
De CamilliPietroYale University, New Haven, USAMechanisms of secretion from neurons
FerrusAlbertoUniversity of Madrid, SpainGenetic links between learning and development of the CNS via K+channels and their modulators
GoodmanCorey S.University of California Berkeley, USAPathway and target recognition in Drosophila
HeisenbergMartinUniversity of Wurzburg, GermanyDrosophila Neurogenetics
HuttnerWieland B.European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, GermanyLarge dense core vesicle biogenesis
JahnReinhardMax-Planck Institute, Martinsried, GermanyNew approaches to study the cell biology of the nerve terminal
KafatosFotis C.Harvard University, Cambridge, USA and Crete University, Heraklion, CreteConcluding remarks
KandelEric R.Howard Hughes University, Chevy Chase, USAMolecular approaches to system memory in aplysia
KyriacouBambosLeicester University, UKMolecular analysis of behaviour
LewinBenjaminEditor, "Cell", Cambridge, USA
ProchiantzAlainENS, Paris, FranceNeuronal shape
RubinGeraldUniversity of California Berkeley, USADrosophila eye development
SavvateevaElena V.Saint-Petersbourg University, RussiaGenetic dissection of CAMP system for study of learning
SchellerRichardStanford University, USASynapse Development
ThoenenHansMax-Planck Institute, Martinsried, GermanyNGF gene family: new molecules, new functions, new perspectives
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