Molecular and classical taxonomy (archives)

Molecular and classical taxonomy

08/11 – 13/11/1994

Documents available in the archives of the Fondation des Treilles


Costas B. Krimbas
On Adaptation, Neo-Darwinian Tautology, and Population Fitness
Tiré à part de “Evolutionary Biology”, vol. 17, 1984, pp. 1-57 

Brent D. Mishler et al.
Phylogenetic relationship of the “Green Algae” and “Bryophytes”
Tiré à part de “Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard.”, vol. 81, 1994, pp. 451-483 

Mark A. Buchheim and Russel L. Chapman
Phylogeny of Carteria (Chlorophyceae) inferred from molecular and organismal data
Tiré à part de “J. Phycol.”, 28, 1992, pp. 362-374

Piero Cammarano et al.
Early Evolutionary Relationships among Known Life Forms Inferred from Elongation Factor EF-2/EF-G Sequences: Phylogenetic Coherence and Structure of the Archaeal Domain
Tiré à part de “J. Mol. Evol.”, vol. 34, 1992, pp. 396-405 

R. Creti et al.
Evolution of translational elongation factor (EF) sequences: Reliability of global phylogenies inferred from EF-1α(Tu) and EF-2(G) proteins
Tiré à part de “Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.”, vol. 91, April 1994, pp. 3255-3259 

Hervé Philippe, Anne Chenuil, and André Adoutte
Can the Cambrian explosion be inferred through molecular phylogeny?
Copie de l’article soumis à Development, publié depuis [The evolution of developmental mechanisms] 1994 (dissem.), pp. 15-25 

André Adoutte et Hervé Philippe
The major lines of metazoan evolution: Summary of traditional evidence and lessons from ribosomal RNA sequence analysis
In “Comparative Molecular Neurobiology” (Ed. By Y. Pichon) – Birkhäuser, 1993, pp. 1-30 

Charles R. Marshall,  Elizabeth C.Raff and Rudolf A. Raff
Dollo’s law and the death and resurrection of genes
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (In press), 1994, 19 pages – Ref. publication: Vol. 91, No. 25 (Dec. 6, 1994), 12283-12287

Charles R. Marshall
Character Analysis and the Integration of Molecular and Morphological Data in an Understanding of Sand Dollar Phylogeny
Tiré à part, Mol. Biol. Evol., 9(2), 1992, pp. 309-322 

Charles R. Marshall
Estimation of Taxonomic ranges from the Fossil Record
In “Analytical Paleobiology”, N. Gilinsky and P.W. Signor (Eds), Short Courses in Paleontology, 1991, 4 : 19-38

Charles R. Marshall
The Fossil Record and Estimating Divergence Times between Lineages: Maximum Divergence Times and the Importance of Reliable Phylogenies
Tiré à part, J. Mol. Evol., 1990, 30: pp. 400-408 

C. R. Marshall
Molecular approaches to echinoderm phylogeny
In “Proceedings of the Eighth International Echinoderm Conference, Dijon, France, 6-10 September 1993”, (B. David, Ed.) – A.A.Balkema, Rotterdam, Jan. 1994, 9 pages (in Press). Publié depuis

Charles  Marshall and Hans-Peter Schultze
Relative Importance of Molecular, Neontological and Paleontological Data in Understanding the Biology of the Vertebrate Invasion of Land
J. Mol. Evol., 1992, 35, pp. 93-101 

Rudolf A. Raff / Charles R. Marshall / James M. Turbeville
Using DNA Sequences to Unravel the Cambrian Radiation of the Animal Phyla
Annu. Rev. Ecol. Syst., 1994, 25, pp. 351-375 

Arndt von Haesler,  Axel Janke,  Svante Pääbo
Neue Aspekte der Verwandtschaftsforschung bei Mensch und Tier = Studying kindship in man and animal: new aspects
Tiré à part, Verh. Dtsch. Zool. Ges., 1993, 86.2, pp. 119-129

Axel Janke et al.
The Marsupial Mitochondrial Genome and the Evolution of Placental Mammals
Tiré à part, Genetics, May 1994, 137, pp. 243-256

Richard G. Olmstead,  and Jeffrey D. Palmer
Chloroplast DNA systematics: a review of methods and data analysis
Tiré à part, American Journal of Botany, 1994, 81(9), pp. 1205-1224

Richard G. Olmstead et al.
Chloroplast DNA and Phylogenetic Studies in the Asteridae
In “Biological Approaches and Evolutionary Trends in Plants”, Academic Press, December 1990, Chapter 8, pp 119-134

Jeanine L. Olsen et al.
18S RDNA and evolution in the Dasycladales (Chlorophyta): modern living fossils
Reprinted from Journal of Phycology, Vol. 30, n° 4, August 1994, pp. 729-744 

Bakker, Freek T. et al.
The Cladophora Complex (Chlorophyta): New Views based on 18S rRNA Gene Sequences
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Vol. 3, n° 4, December 1994, pp. 000-000 (18 pages à paraître) – Publié depuis : 1994 Dec;3(4):365-382 

Freek T.  Bakker, Jeanine L. Olsen,  Wytze T. Stam
Evolution of Nuclear rDNA ITS Sequences in the Cladophora albida/sericea Clade (Chlorophyta)
J. Mol. Evol., 1994, 39, pp. 000-000 (12 pages à paraître, avec corrections) – Publié depuis : 1995 Jun;40(6):640-51

Rüdiger Cerff
The chimeric nature of nuclear genomes and the antiquity of introns as demonstrated by the GAPDH gene system
Reprinted from « Tracing Biological Evolution in Protein and Gene Structures – Proceedings of the 20th Taniguchi International Symposium, Division of Biophysics, held in Nagoya, Japan – 31 October-4 November 1994”, Elsevier 1995, pp. 205-227 

Ralf Kernasach et al.
Five identical intron positions in ancient duplicated genes of eubacterial origin
Reprinted from Nature, Vol. 367, January 27 1994, pp. 387-389

William Martin et al.
Evidence for a chimeric nature of nuclear genomes: Eubacterial origin of eukaryotic glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase genes
Tiré à part, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 90, September 1993, pp. 8692-8696 [Evolution] 

Marie-Françoise Liaud,  De Xing Zhang,  Rüdiger Cerff
Differential intron loss and endosymbiotic transfer of chloroplast glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase genes to the nucleus
Tiré à part, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 87, November 1990, pp. 8918-8922 [Evolution] 

Patrick Forterre
New Hypotheses about the Origins of Viruses, Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
In “Frontiers of Life”, Tran Tan Van JK, Mounolou JC, Shneider J, McKay C., Editions Frontieres, 1992. pp. 221–234

Patrick Forterre et al.
The nature of the last universal ancestor and the root of the tree of life, still open questions
Tiré à part, BioSystems, 28 (1993), pp. 15-32

Patrick Forterre
Looking for the most “primitive” organism(s) on Earth today: the state of the art
Planet. Space Sci., Vol. 00, pp. 0000-0000, 1994, 11 pages, publiées depuis : Planet Space Sci. 1995 Jan-Feb;43(1-2):167-77.

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