Hellenistic session

Session organised by Georges Dertilis, from 15 August to 15 October 1984, on the theme “Ancient and Contemporary Greece”

1984_session Hellénisante

Participants, Institution et Spécialité
Nom et prénomInstitution d'origineSpécialité
ABRY Josèphe-Henriette (1944-2008)Université Lyon IIIHistoire de l'astronomie ancienne
ANTONOPOULOS EliasEcole Pratique des Hautes Etudes-Paris 5e sectionByzantiniste
DERTILIS GeorgesUniversité d'AthènesHistoire économique de la Grèce (XIXe et Xxe siècles)
KOUVELAS EliasUniversité de PatrasNeurophysiologie
GALANAKI RéaUniversité de Patras
LEONTARITIS CléopâtreUniversité d'AthènesHistoire des idées
LEONTARITIS GeorgesCNRS, Centre de Recherche Paul-PascalHistoire de la Grèce moderne
MULLEN WilliamSt John's College Annapolis, Maryland, USALittérature grecque
SAÏD SuzanneUniversité de Strasbourg IIHelléniste

The subject on which Mr. William Mullen worked at Les Treilles, the metrical structure of ancient Greek choral poetry, eventuated in a series of English translations he has made of Greek choral poems: “Aeschylus, “Suppliants, Hymns to Zeus”; “Hymn To Zeus”; Pindar, “First Olympian Ode” and “Tenth Olympian Ode”; Bacchylides, “Poem 17”.     These translations are distinctive in that they replicate in English verse the complex metrical structures of their Greek originals, and were chosen for publication in the Norton Anthology entitled “The Greek Poets: From Homer to the Present”, by Peter Constantine (Editor), Rachel Hadas (Editor), Edmund Keeley (Editor), Karen Van Dyck (Editor), Robert Hass (Introduction), W. W. Norton Press, 2009.

The Fondation des Treilles thanks Mr. William Mullen who, in 2016, for his authorization to publish on its website:

* one paper and two poems he presentend when he was here :

The dances of Plato and Pindar (Lecture delivered at St. John’s College, January 20, 1984).

Rio Colorado

The War Brothers

* and one later published poem (published in Yale Review December 1996) which was chosen for inclusion in “The Best American Poems of 1998”, ed. John Hollander (Scribners, Fall 1998): Enchanted Rock

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