Growth regulation by the TOR pathway


John Blenis, Anne Brunet, Claudio De Virgilio, Eyal Gottlieb, Kun-Liang Wang, Michael N. Hall (organizer), D. Grahame Hardie, Marc W. Kirschner, Pierre Léopold, Alison Lloyd, Brendan D. Manning, Christian Meyer, Linda Partridge, Mario Pende, L. Bryan Ray (editor), David M. Sabatini (organizer), Reuben Shaw, Aurelio A. Teleman, Jeremy Thorner, Anders Zetterberg.

Growth regulation by the TOR pathway Marc W. Kirschner Claudio De Virgilio Anders Zetterberg D. Grahame Hardie Christian Meyer Jeremy Thorner Aurelio A. Teleman David M. Sabatini Michael N. Hall Mario Pende Brendan D. Manning Reuben Shaw Kun-Liang Guan Linda Partridge L. Bryan Ray Pierre Leopold John Blenis Alison LLoyd Eyal Gottlieb Anne Brunet


Growth regulation by the TOR pathway
by Michael N. Hall and David M. Sabatini
4 – 9 June, 2012

Summary: The “Growth regulation by the TOR Pathway” meeting was held at Les Treilles from June 4 to 9, 2012 and focused on the regulation of mass accumulation by the master growth control pathway anchored by the TOR kinase. Participants discussed the function of this and related pathways in many organisms ranging from unicellular fungi to plants and mammals. The 19 talks disclosed largely unpublished data on a diversity of topics, including nutrient sensing, coordination between the cell cycle and growth control, aging, epigenetics, cancer and small molecule metabolism.  Participants learned of new molecules that are part of the TOR pathway as well as new connections of TOR to important physiological processes, like the control of metabolism. In addition, novel techniques were disclosed at the meeting, such as the use of a very high throughput imaging method to study growth control. The talks were arranged by similarity of topic and each was followed by extensive discussions that spilled over into the coffee and lunch and dinner times. There was universal agreement that the meeting was amongst the best any participant had ever attended.

Keywords: growth, size, nutrients, TOR, mTOR, rapamycin, aging, metabolism, kinase

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