From fundamental research to cancer therapy – present and future


Jean-Pierre Abastado, Gareth Bond, Sara A. Courtneidge, Anne Dejean, Olivier Delattre, Jean Feunteun, Daniel Haber, Peter Herrlich, Peter M. Howley (Organisateur), Tony Hunter, Tyler Jacks, William G. Kaelin, Adi Kimchi, Joseph R. Nevins, Moshe Oren, Gérard Orth, Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, Harold E. Varmus (Organiser), Erwin Wagner, Moshe Yaniv (Organiser)


De la recherche fondamentale à la thérapie du cancer : présent et futur
Moshe Yaniv
17-22 juillet 2004

Sessions and talks

Chromatin and nuclear structure (Chairperson: Tony Hunter)

Pier Guiseppe Pelicci: « Inhibitors of histone deacetylases induce apoptosis selectively in leukemia cells through activation of the death receptor pathway »

Moshe Yaniv: « Chromatin, epigenetic and cancer »

Anne Dejean: « Nuclear and Unclear functions of SUMO »


Protein phosphorylation and drugs (Chairperson: Peter Howley)

Tony Hunter: « Protein phosphorylation and signal transduction inhibitor drugs »

Sara A. Courtneidge: « Src substrates involved in the formation and function of podosomes in invasive tumor cells »

Daniel Haber: “Somatic mutations in the EGF receptor underlying responsiveness to the tyrosine kinase inhibitor gefitinib”


Animal models (Chairperson: Moshe Oren)

Harold E. Varmus: « Studying the evolution and development of cancers : progenitor cells, mutations and genetic selection, and maintenance functions as therapeutic targets »

Tyler Jacks: « Modeling Cancer in the Mouse »

Erwin Wagner: « AP-1 (Fos/Jun) in cancer development »


p53 and apoptosis (Chairperson : Peter Herrlich)

Moshe Oren: « Wild type p53, mutant p53, Mdm2 – clues and challenges »

Adi Kimchi: « Molecular networks in programmed cell death : from the rescue of single genes to system level analysis »

Gareth Bond: « A Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Mdm2 Promoter Attenuates the p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway and Accelerates Tumor Formation in Humans »


Oncogenic viruses and immunity (Chairperson : Joe Nevins)

Gérard Orth: “Lessons from genetics of human papillomavirus infections”

Peter M. Howley: « HPV and Cervical Cancer: preventive strategies »

Jean-Pierre Abastado: « Harnessing the immune system against cancer »


Genetic basis of cancer (Chairperson: Adi Kimchi)

Olivier Delattre: « Chromosome translocations in cancer initiation and progression »

Joseph R. Nevins: « Genomic Applications to Cancer Prognosis & Directed Therapeutics »

Jean Feunteun: « Paradox and enigma about the role of BRCA1 in breast and ovarian cancer »


Novel pathways (Chairperson : Sara Courtneidge)

William G. Kaelin: « New Medical Therapies based on the Functions of the VHL Tumor Suppressor Protein »

Peter Herrlich: “A novel regulatory step in the activation of Ras”

Perspectives on closing the gaps between basic science and cancer therapy (Discussion led by Harold Varmus)


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