Evolution of Galaxies: French-Chinese meeting in Astrophysics


Monique Arnaud, Tao Charling, Michel Cohen-Solal (Organiser), Françoise Combes, Georges Comte, Michel Dennefeld, François-Xavier Désert, Zu-Hui Fan, François Hammer, Bi-Wei Jiang, Yi-Peng Jing, Pierre Léna (Organiser), Yan-Chun Liang, Xiao-Wei Liu, Ali Luo, Gary Mamon, Alain Omont (Organiser), Jean-Claude Pecker, Cheng-Gang Shu, François Viallefond, Xiang-Ping Wu, Hai-Guang Xu, Sui-Jian Xue,  Xu Zhou


Rencontre mixte Chine-France : Evolution des galaxies & grands instruments astronomiques
Académie des sciences de l’Institut de France/ Chinese Academy of sciences

par Michel Cohen-Solal, Pierre Léna et Alain Omont
15 au 21 mars 2004

Sessions and talks

Evolution of galaxies and large-scale structures

Françoise Combes: Modelling the evolution of galaxies

JING, Yi-Peng: Supercomputer simulation of structure formation in the Universe

WU, Xiang-Ping: The Primeval Structure Telescope

Yannick Mellier: Gravitational weak lensing surveys and cosmology

FAN, Zu-Hui: Measuring the nonlinear/stochastic bias from cosmic gravitational lensing effects

ZHOU, Xu: The large-field multi-color sky survey with 60/90 Schimidt telescopy.


Cluster and field galaxies: spectroscopy and X-ray studies

Monique Arnaud: XMM observations of clusters of galaxies

XU, Hai-Guang: Chandra Study of the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 4649

François Hammer: Evolution of field galaxies: spectroscopy and multi-wavelength observations

LIANG, Yan-Chun: High resolution of a sample of distant luminous infrared galaxies: the study of dusty starbursts from their emission lines

SHU Cheng-Gang: An analytic model for the galactic winds and mass outflows

LUO Ali: Study on data mining and classification Method for LAMOST spectral data of stars galaxies and QsOs

Georges Comte: Spectroscopic characterization of active galaxies: comparison of achieved

Sloan Survey performances and expected LAMOST capabilities

Gary Mamon: Studies of groups and clusters of galaxies with LAMOST


Star formation in galaxies, etc.

Michel Dennefeld : The star-formation history in galaxies, as seen through multi-wavelength observations

XUE, Sui-Jian: Current Research at NAOC

Pierre Léna: Diffraction-limited imaging and optical interferometry: prospects


AGN, CMB, interstellar medium and ALMA

FAN, Jun-Hui: The beaming model and polarization for blazars

Francois-Xavier Désert: Observations of the cosmic microwave background and Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect?

Alain Omont: Millimeter observations at high redshift

François Viallefond: Recombination lines in starburst galaxies. Perspectives with ALMA.

JIANG, Bi-Wei: Interstellar extinction at 7 and 15 microns from the ISOGAL survey

LIU, Xiao-Wei: Abundance determinations for photoionized gaseous nebulae


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