Evaluation in the social sciences: concepts, measures, comparisons

The group “Raison et rationalités” brings together specialists in most human and social sciences and devotes its efforts to reflection and research to the epistemology of human sciences.

Liste des participants

Gérald Berthoud, Pascal Bridel (Organiser), Giovanni Busino, Jacques Coenen-Huther, Muriel Dal-Pont, Alexandre Flückiger, Pierre Livet (Organiser), Alain Papaux, Jean-Claude Passeron, Denise Pumain, Françoise Schenk, Henri Volken


CEvaluation in the social sciences: oncept, measures and comparaisons
XIIe Colloquium of the Group « Raison et Rationalités »

by Pascal Bridel
19-22 September, 2006


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