Activities : submission deadlines

If you wish to have your submission evaluated by the next Scientific Council, please note the following submissions dealines :

– Seminars: the deadline was 09/05/2016 (for 2018 or after). The next one will be early September 2017 for 2019 or after.

Residential studies: the deadline was 2017/01/11, for a stay in 2017 or later. The next one will be early September 2017 for a stay in 2018 or 2019.

– Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger and Fondation Catherine Gide prizes :  the deadline is 2017/10/15 for a one year research which has to take place between 2018/01/01 and 2019/12/31


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A tribute to Anne Gruner Schlumberger
from Professor Fotis C. Kafatos

It is difficult to speak or write about your spiritual mother. Silence seems most appropriate, especially about someone who always avoided public recognition and adulation. But I need to say goodbye to the most remarkable human being who blessed me with her friendship. And I need to express the gratitude of myself and of the many others who, as youngsters, benefited by her generosity, of all the people that she helped educate, and of the countless children who were enriched by her libraries, in Greece and in France.

I met Annette in 1956, when I was 16, and she changed my life. Continue reading

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