Development and Regeneration of Neural Connections

Liste des participants

Silvia Arber, Richard Axel, Cornelia (Cori) Bargmann, Frédéric Bernard, Valérie Castellani, Kim Charvet, Alain Chedotal (Organiser), Thomas Di Meglio, Barry Dickson, Vieri Failli, Marie Filbin, John G. Flanagan, Zhigang He, Christopher E. Henderson, Christine Holt, Alex L. Kolodkin, Daniel Lee, Jean Livet, Caroline Moreau, Fujio Murakami, Dennis D. M. O’Leary, Alain Prochiantz, Martin Schwab, Stephen M. Strittmatter, Marc Tessier-Lavigne (Organiser), Zou Yimin


Development and Regeneration of Neural Connections
by Alain Chedotal & Marc Tessier-Lavigne
28 June-3 July, 2005

The review of this seminar being written in French, hereafter are mentioned the titles of the talks given during the meeting:

Silvia Arber (Biozentrum, Univ. of Basel, Switzerland) – Genetic control of neuronal circuit assembly in the spinal cord

Richard Axel (Howard Hughes Medical lnstitute, Columbia University, New York, USA) – A molecular logic of olfactory perception

Cori Bargmann (The Rockefeller University, New York, USA) – Cell interactions and olfactory receptor choice : signals from the synapse

Valerie Castellani (CGMC UMR 5534, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 10, France ) – Secreted semaphorins in developing and adult neuronal circuits

Alain Chedotal (CNRS UMR 7102, Universite Paris 6, France) – Semaphorin-mediated neuronal growth cone guidance

Barry Dickson (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Wien, Austria) – Axon guidance at the drosophile midline

Marie Filbin (Hunter College, New York, USA) – Promoting axonal growth in an inhibitory environment

John G. Flanagan (Harvard Med School, Boston, USA) – Axon guidance and visual map development

He Zhigang (Children’s Hospital Boston, USA) – Signaling mechanisms of myelin inhibition in axon regeneration

Christopher E. Henderson (Columbia University, New York, USA) – Intrinsic and extrinsic control of axon growth

Christine Holt (University of Cambridge, UK) – Mechanisms of growth cone guidance in retinal neurons

Alex L. Kolodkin (Semaphorin-mediated neuronal growth cone guidance

Jean Livet (Harvard University / MCB), Cambridge, USA) – Brainbow: multi-color mice for neural imaging

Fujio Murakami (Osaka University, Japan) – Visualizing nucleogenesis in the hindbrain

Dennis D. M. O’Leary (The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, USA) – Patterning of retinal connections within the vertebrate brain

Alain Prochiantz (CNRS UMR 8542, ENS, Paris, France) – Guiding and signaling with homeoprotein transcription factors

Martin Schwab (Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland) – Repair of the CNS hardware alter injury

Stephen M. Strittmatter (Yale University School, New Haven, USA) – Myelin, NgR and axonal growth in the brain and spinal cord

Marc Tessier-Lavigne (Genentech, Inc., San Francisco, USA) – Axon guidance and regeneration in the spinal cord

Zou Yimin (The University of Chicago, USA) – A-P pathfinding and topographic mapping by Wnt family signaling molecules

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