Dendritic cells research, what’s next?


Sebastian Amigorena, Alain Chédotal, Pascale Cossart, Anna Cumano, Evelina Gatti, Frédéric Geissmann (Organiser), Siamon Gordon, Adrian Hayday, Christian Kurts, Thomas Lecuit, Dan Littman, Bernard Malissen, Philippe Pierre (Organiser), Gwendalyn Randolph, Caetano Reis e Sousa, Maria Rescigno, Michael H. Sieweke, Jon Yewdell, Laurence Zitvogel

Dendritic cells research, what’s next?
by Frédéric Geissmann and Philippe Pierre
04-09 June, 2007

The review being written in French, hereafter are given the titles of sessions and talks as well as round tables topics:

Session DC & Development :

Participants and talks:
Bernard Malissen (Inserm, CIML, Marseille, France): Dynamics and function of Langerhans cells
Ana Cumano (Inserm, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France): Cytokine requirements for
lymphocyte development
Michael Sieweke (CNRS, CIML, Marseille, France): Transcriptional control of monocytic differentiation
Frederic Geissmann* (Inserm, Université Paris –Descartes, Paris, France): Differentiation and functions of mononuclear phagocytes
Thomas Lecuit (CNRS, IBDML, Marseille): Cell shape, cell patterns and tissue morphogenesis

Round table1:
DC subsets: origins, functions, fates.  Relationship between functions and development of individual subsets. Will there be new subsets to discover? Relationship between PDC, cDC, IKDC, and monocytes? Relationship between DC and macrophages?


Session Functions & activation 

Adrian Hayday  (King’s college London, UK): Immune Responses to self
molecules that signal  tissue regulation/dysregulation
Christian Kurtz (IMMIE, Bonn, Germany): Endocytosis mechanisms
dictate antigen presentation to CD4 and CD8 T cells
Caetano Reis e Sousa (Cancer research UK, London, UK): DC as a bridge between innate and adoptive immunity
Siamon Gordon (Sir William Dunn school of pathology, Oxford, UK): Macrophage receptors in innate immunity
Dan Littman (Skirball Institute, New York, USA): Inflammatory T cell development

Round table2:
Tolerance versus immunity; activation, maturation, subsets – mechanisms of tolerance and immunity and the roles of DC in these processes


Session DC & Cell biology 

Evelina Gatti (CNRS, CIML, Marseille, France): Regulation of MHC II traffic by
ubiquitination during DC maturation
Sebastian Amigorena (Inserm, Institut Curie, Paris, France): Cross presentation in
dendritic cells
Jon Yewdell (National institute of allergy and infectious diseases, Bethesda, USA): DCs, DRIPs & viruses
Philippe Pierre* (CNRS, CIML, Marseille, France): Brucella and infection of DC
Alain Chedotal (CNRS, Paris): Molecular control of neuronal migration in the
cerebellar system

Round table3:
Interaction DC/ pathogen, cross presentation – the co-adaptation of DC and pathogens, and the role(s) of cross presentation in the generation of immunity to pathogens.


Session DC and diseases:

Pascale Cossart (Inserm, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France): Host pathogen
interactions: the listeria paradigm
Maria Rescigno (European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy): Dendritic cells in bacterial handling in the gut
Gwen Randolph (Center For Immunobiology, Mount sinai school of medicine, USA): Monocytes, dendritic cells and atherosclerosis
Laurence Zitvogel (Inserm, IGR, Villejuif, France): Immunogenicity of cell death: linking intrinsic and exotrinsic tumor suppressor pathways

Round table4:
Transfer to the clinic, new insights


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