Constructions in marine environments

Constructions en milieu marin / Constructions in marine environments

Participants and fields of expertise:

Denis Allemand (CSM, Monaco) Ecology of coral reefs, Claire Barel-Moisan (CNRS, France) Literature, Laure Bonnaud-Ponticelli (MNHN-Paris, France) Evolution of biomineralization and development in Molluscs, Frédérique Chlous (MNHN-Paris, France) Marine anthropology, Marc de Rafelis(Univ Paul Sabatier, France) Geology and marine ecosystems, Thomasine Giesecke (Meudon, France) Artist, Jaap A. Kaandorp (Univ. Amsterdam, Nederland) Hydrodynamism and growth, Mimi Koehl (Univ. Berkley, USA) Ecology and Evolutionary biomechanics, Charles Le Pabic* (MNHN-Paris, France) Buoyancy control, Jacques Livage (Collège de France, France) Chemistry and mineral growth, Chiara Lombardi* (ENEA, Italy) Biomineralization in Bryozoans, Pascal Jean Lopez (CNRS, France) Bioconstructions in protists, Manuel Maldonado (CEAB-CSIC, Spain) Sponges diversity and silica mineralization, Russell Stewart (Univ. Utah, USA) Bioadhesion
*Young researchers


Constructions in marine environments
by Laure Bonnaud-Ponticelli et Pascal-Jean Lopez
14 – 19 March, 2016


The origin and the diversification of the process leading to the formation of mineralized structures in biological systems is not yet well understood but likely to be complex. Indeed this process is found in a wide variety of organisms from bacteria to multicellular organisms, and from terrestrial to deep-sea organisms. Biomineralization and bioconstruction processes that have evolved over millions of year can involve a large number of elements and a large diversity of chemical structures have been identified. To understand these mechanisms, predict the consequences of anthropic and ecological disturbances, or use these structures and/or processes for bio-inspiration, development biomimetic approaches or applied issues, it is necessary to combine information from different scales. It is also important to understand the natural robustness of the biologic forms/structures, and to understand the physical and mechanical constraints to which organism are subjected. Within a context of global change, we questioned how sensitive are biomineralization/bioconstruction processes to the physico-chemicals environments. In other words, are the form of the biomineral structured encountered in the present days oceans still adapted to the current day oceans conditions? Can these structures served as inspiration for human constructions? Such questions were asked during our seminar at the Fondation des Treilles, by combining scientific views from several fields of research, and sharing discussions and concepts.
Abstracts from the scientist and artists that attended this seminar are presented  in alphabetic order. The illustrations correspond to pieces of arts (with some created during the seminar) and to scientific data.

Lire les résumés / Read the abstracts

Keywords: Biomineralization. Bioconstruction. Marine environments


Denis Allemand Claire Barel-Moisan Laure Bonnaud-Ponticelli Frédérique Chlous Thomasine Giesecke Jaap Kaandorp Mimi Koehl Charles Le Pabic Jacques Livage Chiara Lombardi Pascal-Jean Lopez Manuel Maldonado Marc de Rafélis Russel Stewart
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