Chemistry and Art

Meeting of artists interested in the scientific aspects of their art and chemists interested in the artistic aspects of their science to give each other the desire to strengthen their knowledge of the other field…


Luc Allemand, Marius Andruh, Philip Ball, Jap Boon, Emilie Chalmin, Katrien Keune, Marc Ledoux, Janusz Lewinski, Florence de Mèredieu, Jean-Pierre Mohen, Nadia Mösch-Zanetti, Guy Ourisson (1926 – 2006) (Organiser), Beate Peiseler-Sutter, Jiri Pinkas, Alain Roche, Christel Roesky, Herbert W. Roesky (Organiser), Francis Taulelle, Michel Verdaguer


Chemistry and Art
by Guy Ourisson (26 March, 1926 – 3 November, 2006) et Luc Allemand
20-25 May, 2005

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