BRAVE project (Bee Research And Virology in Europe)

BRAVE was aimed at knowledge transfer between experts with a broad base of skills in insect virology diagnosis, immunology, epidemiology, international trade and risk management, along with scientists involved in fundamental and applied research on bees and related pollinator species.


Michel Aubert (Organiser), Brenda Ball, Mark Brown, Mike Carter, Joachim De Miranda, Ingemar Fries, Elke Genersch, Rosie Hails, Jean-Luc Imler, Norberto Milani, Robin F.A. Moritz, Magali Ribière


 Atelier BRAVE
par Michel Aubert
2 au 7 septembre 2005

More than 60 world experts exchanged their knowledge during a preliminary meeting in Sophia-Antipolis (France) in April 2005. Following this first meeting, a smaller panel of experts gathered at Les Treilles to achieve the book described hereafter:

Title : Virology and the Honey Bee

Chapter 1. Introduction – by the editors.

Chapter 2. Natural history and distribution of honey bee viruses
– by Magali Ribière and Brenda Ball

Chapter 3. Molecular characterisation of honey bee viruses
– by Mike Carter and Elke Genersh

Chapter 4. Detection techniques for honey bee viruses
– by Joachim De Miranda and Brenda Ball

Chapter 5. Impact of virus infection in honey bees
– by Michel Aubert

Chapter 6. Covert infections in honey bees
– by Rosie Hails and Brenda Ball

Chapter 7. Evolutionary epidemiology of virus infections in honey bees
– by Mark Brown and Ingemar Fries

Chapter 8. Innate immunity of insects to infection
– by Catherine Dostert and Jean-Luc Imler

Chapter 9. Honey bee Genomics and Breeding for Resistance to Virus Infections
– by Robin Moritz and Jay Evans

Chapter 10. Overview of the regulatory framework for apiculture
– by Michael Brown

Chapter 11. Conclusions

– by the editors.

Read the complete review in French

See also.:  Aubert M, Ball B., Fries I., Milani N. and Moritz, – 2005, BRAVE, Bee Research and Virus in Europe, proceedings of the meeting in Sophia-Antipolis (France), 320 pp.
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