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2016 events

Themes of the seminars and residentials studies that should be hosted by the Foundation des Treilles in 2016:


Seminar “Constructions in marine environment”

FSER laureates 2016 meeting

Seminar “Clouds at the Turning of Eras, from the last years of the Enlightenment through the twilight of Romanticism”

Residential Study: two grandfathers (a Jew and a nazi)

Seminar “Integrative physiology: nutrition, metabolism and microbiota” (FSER)


Seminar “LUCA, its contemporaries and their viruses: 20 years after

Seminar “Plasticity of cellular identity” (FSER)

Residential Study: Contemporary violence in Katanga (DRC)


Seminar “Causes and consequences of aneuploidy”

Residential Study: Towards a Genetic edition of Mohammed Dib’s opus

Seminar “Women who bore a name. Gender marks in Greek Antiquity (VIIIe IVe BCE)”

Residential Study: A Political History of the Vienna Opera 1869 – 1955


Seminar “From individual variation to the genetic basis of environmental sensitivity”

Residential Study: A study of religious life in a phenomenological perspective, with reference to Christian and post-Christian forms of spirituality

Seminar “Post-modernism or peculiarity? Philippe Boesmans”

August / September

Seminar “Mankind and warefare”

Residential Study: The usefulness of the study of the Middle Ages (and the distant past in general) for living well in the present

Seminar “Politics, Affectivity, Intimacy 3. – Commitments, ideologies and beliefs”

Seminar “Animal models of hematological malignancies”


Seminar “Towards a sensory passport” (FSER)

Residential Study: Electrostatics of biological and soft matter

Seminar “Tacking stock of contemporary photography”


Seminar “Master class of music”

Seminar “Digital Palaeography: from technical to epistemological challenge”


Prize and Residencies Laureates

Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger :
The selection is underway

Author residency
Kettly Mars, Catherine Mary, Niels Trede

Photographer residency
The selection is underway

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