The different ways for the Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives

Every year, from March to October, the Foundation

a) organizes a number of seminars. Each has a common structure, based on the overall aims and objectives:

  • A significant topic, preferably of an interdisciplinary nature.
  • A maximum of twenty members to allow informal exchange and composed of both senior and junior scholars.
  • A relatively short time span (one week on average) and the expectation that members will participate in the full seminar programme.
  • A structure that takes into account the need to pose questions and to generate dialogue.

b) welcomes scholars, authors, and musicians for residential study, either for large groups (5 to 15 people) or  individually or in small groups. Experience has shown that meals taken together with participants of seminars or other residents stimulate exchange and thus are of great value to all.

c) awards some 12 annual financial aids to young researchers. These prizes will assist doctoral students to complete a thesis of exceptional quality or help young graduates return to, or remain in, France.

d) welcomes the laureates of two residency award, the first one open to authors of fiction or essays, the second one tophotographers.

e) awards once a year a prize “Centre André Gide-Jean Schlumberger” and welcomes its laureate as well as the one of the prize “Fondation Catherine Gide”.

In some cases, financial assistance is provided to publish work engaged in at Les Treilles.